What resistance sports are suitable for girls

what resistance sports are suitable for girls?

1. Flat support flat support should be an action acceptable to many girls. It is not difficult and can also exercise core strength. This action not only requires us to use arm strength and chest strength to support our upper body, but also uses waist strength and leg strength to ensure that our lower body is parallel to the ground. It is a very comprehensive action.

2. Sit ups sit ups are also a very basic resistance movement, which mainly opposes the resistance of our abdomen. Because in the process of completing this exercise, the most important thing is to use our abdominal muscles to complete it, so it is a great test for our abdomen. When we complete this action, we can do 30 in each group, 3-5 groups a day, which can make us see that the abdomen is obviously stiffening, so that the muscles gradually appear.

3. Push ups I believe that everyone is very familiar with the action of push ups. Take the prone position and lie on the yoga mat. The distance between the palms of the hands should be slightly wider than the shoulders. Bend the elbows to make the forearms stick to the ground. At the same time, the forepaws of both feet touch the ground, keeping the body triangular with the ground. The bending range of the elbows can be slightly larger, so as to make the body more stable.

4. Squat squat is a very good exercise for leg muscles. First of all, open your legs and keep them the same width as your shoulders. Stand on the yoga mat, tighten your back, straighten your chest and tighten your abdomen at the same time. Place your hands vertically or in front of your chest to feel the extension of your spine when you squat.

What are the benefits of resistance exercise for women?

Female friends usually do more resistance exercises, which can improve their muscle quality and improve their body strength. Many female friends are relatively weak, and their own strength is relatively small. Relatively speaking, the strength of the upper limbs will be weaker, but it doesn’t matter. Through resistance exercise, the muscles of the upper limbs can be exercised, and through the practice after tomorrow, their strength can be greatly improved.

In addition, a more prominent feature of resistance sports is that it can help people lose weight, especially for people who lose weight, it is a good choice. Resistance exercise may not be the best of all weight loss methods, but it is really very healthy. This exercise method can help us lose weight while managing our body. If we are not obese, resistance exercise itself is to change our body shape, and it also has the effect of preventing obesity to a certain extent. No matter from which perspective, it is a good way to manage your body.

In addition, female friends try to do more resistance sports, which can not only make their bodies strong, but also delight their body and mind, so that their hearts can become equally strong. Because there are muscles to protect women’s bodies, these muscles can make girls more confident, as if they have spiritual strength. And because my body is getting better day by day, I also recognize myself, and my self-confidence is slowly improving.

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