Adjust diet to symptoms to drive away sub-health

Many people will think that sub-health is caused by incorrect lifestyle, excessive work and life pressure, and so on, which has little to do with ordinary diet. But in fact, diet also has a great impact on sub-health. Healthy and correct eating habits can help you alleviate sub-health or even drive away sub-health, while incorrect eating habits will aggravate sub-health or turn you from healthy to sub-health. What kind of eating habits are good? In the face of some existing sub-health conditions, how can we care for them? Now let’s have experts teach us.

diet regimen. The key is to have a reasonable dietary structure

“Five grains are for nourishment, five fruits are for assistance, five animals are for benefit, and five vegetables are for filling”.

Lu You’s health preservation method in the Southern Song Dynasty was to drink porridge.

He wrote a poem: “everyone in the world has been learning for a long time, but does not understand that the long years are at present; I have to follow the common law of wanqiu, and only eat porridge to send the gods.” In the book of health preservation, it is mentioned that “six proper ways” for health preservation include eating earlier, eating warmer, eating less, eating lighter, eating slower and eating softer. The salt intake of Chinese people exceeds the standard, which is related to cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension and other diseases.

The above viewpoint is also consistent with the “golden pagoda of healthy diet” advocated by the current nutrition circle.

1. Symptoms: often insomnia , sleep as late as you want in the morning

Diagnosis: high work pressure, emotional tension, poor nutrition of nervous system.

Easy to cause results: neurasthenia, headache, inability to concentrate at work, low efficiency, poor long-term sleep quality are more likely to suffer from depression, chronic fatigue syndrome or other diseases.

Suggestions for improvement: because minerals can relieve nerves, calcium and magnesium tablets and vitamin B6 can be taken one hour before bed to help improve sleep and improve sleep quality. Attention should be paid to reducing salt intake in diet (especially dinner), and more plant protein foods such as beans and their products.

2. Symptoms: I often think of drinking water when I am thirsty

Diagnosis: Daily bad habits.

Easy to result in: occasional or long-term constipation.

Suggestions for improvement: ensure to drink at least 6 cups of 200ml boiled water every day, and make a schedule for drinking water. Try to avoid refined sugar, white flour, cigarettes, alcohol, strong tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, processed food and fried food.

3. Symptoms: occasional or long-term constipation

Diagnosis: too fine diet, too little water, lack of exercise, too nervous life and work pressure, untimely defecation.

Easy to cause results: hemorrhoids, flatulence, insomnia, headache, bad breath, obesity, varicose veins, appendicitis, colorectal cancer, etc.

Suggestions for improvement: people with constipation can eat more food rich in crude fiber, drink more water every day, eat food with low salt, sugar and oil, guarantee to do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise such as walking every day, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

4. Symptoms: often have a fear of going to work , often sit in a daze, poor mental arithmetic ability, often need to use tools to calculate, can’t concentrate on anything, and is inefficient

Diagnosis: excessive use of the brain, high-intensity work pressure, too fast pace of life, memory decline, slow blood circulation, hidden dangers in heart and cerebrovascular, typical symptoms of sub-health of white-collar workers.

Easy to lead to results: obesity, muscle soreness, cervical problems, hyperosteogeny, digestive system disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, myocardial weakness, hypertension, coronary heart disease, hemorrhoids, etc.

Suggestions for improvement: pay attention to less fat intake and choose foods rich in vitamins C, B and e to ensure normal metabolism of brain and nervous system, which is conducive to improving work efficiency, properly doing aerobic exercise, ensuring sleep quality and eating balanced nutrition.

While pursuing a rich material life, people pay more and more attention to health and life. Therefore, food safety, nutrition and health, nutrition and health care, nutrition and rehabilitation have become new demands of society, and nutrition has been paid attention to.

Nutrition and food are closely related to people’s lives, and reasonable nutrition is the basis of health.

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