Master three measures of jealousy: men love you more

Vinegar is a necessity of life and a nutrition for love. It adds flavor to life and makes love stronger. A woman’s jealousy seems to be angry, but it is actually love. The more jealous she is, the more she loves her. As long as men’s performance makes them feel satisfied, their jealousy will disappear immediately. So men don’t have to worry about women being too jealous.

smart women are jealous.

If you want to be a smart woman, you must learn to be jealous. Jealousy is an art. We should be careful and keep to the point. Women who can’t grasp the measurement of jealousy are either too numb, making love lose color and men lose interest; Or it’s too spicy, knocking over the vinegar jar and scaring away the person of your choice.

Smart women know how to let men conquer the world. They only need to conquer this man. The way to conquer a man is very simple. If a man is strong, he should overcome the strong with softness. Jealousy is the best way to overcome hardness with softness. No matter how strong a man is, he can’t stop a woman’s jealous soft words lingering in his ears.

men prefer jealous women.

Jealous women may not be happy, but jealous women must be happy. A woman who is never jealous may be a good woman, but she won’t be a lively woman. What men need is not a woman with perfect morality, but a living woman.

When a beautiful but unsmiling woman and a plain but gentle and delicate woman appear in front of a man, most smart men will choose the latter. Men can be humble and indomitable, but it’s hard not to bow down in front of spoiled and jealous women. Jealous women are funny and lively. They know the way of jealousy very well, so they show all kinds of women’s manners and charm.

precautions for women to be jealous

There is no woman in the world who is not jealous, and there is no man who does not let women be jealous. A jealous woman can make a man feel happy, but a jealous woman can only make a man suffer. Here are the three precautions for women to be jealous:

1. Don’t be jealous of jealousy. Jealousy is to save men, and jealousy can only breed pain. Women should have the wisdom to distinguish between the two, and then have the ability to treat them differently.

2. Don’t limit men’s space because of vinegar. Although marriage is a contract, it does not mean that a man is selling himself to you. You can make men not go too far by being jealous, but don’t try to make men stay by your side by being jealous.

3. Don’t knock over the vinegar jar. Some people are jealous and eat with relish; others are jealous and eat in the dark. No matter what the reason for jealousy, the most important thing for women is to control the degree of jealousy, and it is better to be too jealous than to be too jealous.

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