Seven lies are fatal killers of love

romantic love is enough to create marriage happiness

Love can’t conquer all people, and it can’t avoid and solve your marriage problems just by relying on love. Therefore, you must understand the true meaning of love and learn the unique marriage life skills.

common interests and hobbies enhance intimate relationship

Whether interests really bring different people together depends on how you communicate each other’s interests.

egalitarian marriages are more comfortable than traditional marriages.

Egalitarian marriage can make you transcend gender differences, but it is difficult. The egalitarian model of marriage is certainly good, but in fact, the husband and wife who are in trouble often encounter conflicts in the expectations and responsibilities of gender roles.

the arrival of children can increase the feelings between husband and wife

This view is another beautiful interpretation of “love crystallization”, but the arrival of children sometimes alienates the relationship between husband and wife. The two sides work hard and do not have enough time to accompany each other. Additional children will occupy more material and spiritual energy.

the frequent contradictions and conflicts will make you go further and further.

No matter how good a couple is, they will quarrel, but marital conflict itself will not hurt marriage. The key lies in the attitude of two people to face the conflict and the way to solve the conflict. It is the cause of marital problems.

extramarital affairs are the root of divorce

All kinds of problems in marriage can lead to divorce. Extramarital affairs often occur not because of sexual needs, but because they try to seek friendship, support, understanding, respect, attention and care in this way. If you can’t get these things from your family, one or both parties will look for them outside the marriage relationship.

sexual openness makes you enjoy better sex

Information about getting sex is readily available, but it makes it hard to relax.

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