These gender lies are the fatal temptation of women

In life, language is the way to express oneself. Through language, you can communicate better with others. In Aesop’s fables, Aesop compares the tongue to the best and worst things in the world. The tongue can speak words that make people happy, so it is the best thing, but people can also bite their tongue and say bad things about others, which makes people afraid, so it is the worst thing.

Men are the best liars in the world. Many people say that if a man’s words are credible, then the sow will climb a tree to prove the unreliability of a man’s words. Men’s lies are full of all kinds of occasions. They will have white lies, but also lies spread for concealment, and some malicious lies. Sex lies or general lies are all aimed at making the life of husband and wife more harmonious and happy. If lies affect the feelings of husband and wife, the gains outweigh the losses. Therefore, we should grasp the degree of lies.

Lying, in the eyes of many female sexual friends, is an act of disloyalty, which they find difficult to accept. However, according to the survey, many male friends do not take lying seriously. They think that it is impossible for people not to lie all their lives. Moreover, many lies are white, so there is no problem of cheating or disloyalty. For women, some of the language of both sexes is their fatal temptation. Let’s learn about it.

1. I like a cup

When you ask a cup if he has more “sexual interest” in “popcorn”, his answer must be: “ah, no, I like you so small and delicate.” Similar lies include: “no, you are not fat at all.” “I don’t think your PP is getting bigger.” “Women just want to be fuller and feel better.” These are men’s standard answers and the safest answers. He doesn’t want to hurt you, make trouble, or let you get angry and ruin a wonderful night.

There is no need to pursue the truth, nor to explore the real thoughts in his heart. Just accept all such lies and enjoy them. If you want to know whether your figure is beginning to lose shape, you may as well ask your same-sex friends.

2. You are more beautiful than her

Who is beautiful between me and your ex girlfriend? When you ask a similar question, he will certainly say, of course, you are more beautiful. If you have met his ex girlfriend and clearly know that she is much more beautiful than you, he will also say that you are better, more sensible, more connotative, or better in bed? The root of such lies is self-protection: he is afraid of trouble, he wants to keep some privacy, and he doesn’t want to make you unhappy. Even, if possible, he won’t let you know that there is an ex girlfriend.

Don’t always ask such boring and stupid questions (men really think so). If you have already asked them and they answer like this, believe it.

3. TT is too small

When you take out a TT, he is stunned at first, then takes it up to draw, and impatiently throws it aside: it’s too small and uncomfortable to wear! In fact, it’s not a matter of size, but that he doesn’t want to wear TT at all. Men’s feelings are different from women’s. Most women feel that wearing TT does not affect their pleasure, while most men feel that wearing TT is like taking a shower in a raincoat and can’t have fun. The so-called size problem is just an excuse for him not to “wear a raincoat”.

Prepare various models of TT for him. I believe there will always be one suitable for him. Of course, it’s best to choose as thin as possible, which does not affect pleasure. In addition, if there are new patterns in the form of wearing TT, he will be more willing to accept it.

4. Viagra? No need

He seems to be a little out of his depth recently. So, you cooked him various tonic soups and prepared him a box of Viagra. He threw the blue pill aside. But later you may find that he is secretly studying the instructions for “Viagra”. He secretly bought a box of Viagra himself, hid it in a secret corner, and secretly ate one of them one night. Don’t be confused. Men are just like this. Their hearts are actually very fragile. If you give him Viagra, it is tantamount to saying to him that you are finished and can’t meet me. You need to rely on “Viagra”.

A man is most afraid of women suggesting his impotence, so a man should be fat in front of women even if he hits his swollen face. Give him a face and pretend not to have discovered his secret. Since happiness is the same, why investigate whether it is natural or artificial?

5. It’s OK. You won’t be pregnant.

After some tenderness, everyone was a little impatient. At this critical moment, you suddenly find a problem: you have run out of condoms at home. At this time, he will most likely say this: it’s all right, you won’t be pregnant. Or: I will withdraw in time. Common sense tells us that even if he has retreated in time, you may still be pregnant. The men who tell such lies are either very selfish and irresponsible; Or the sperm has entered the brain and has lost its reason.

You can firmly refuse him and protect yourself. You can also accept it first and then take remedial measures. However, I still want to remind you that once in a while contraception is not a problem, but in the long run, it will definitely hurt your body.

Rational and mature couples should learn to distinguish between the language in bed and the language outside the bedroom. They should not take the sex lies when they are “dizzy” to prove anything, or ask each other to cash them in real life. Sex lies are a bit like lines in Shakespeare’s plays. If they are copied into real life, it is obviously absurd. Sex lies are just icing on the cake. The most fundamental thing is deep love. Without a deep emotional foundation, the relationship between husband and wife will become sexual without love, which is not worthy of the name.

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