What method does whitening have to work quickly? Recommend 7 tips for full body whitening

Whitening is the pursuit of many women. If only the face is white, but the body is not white, there will be a great color difference. There are many ways to whiten the face, so what are the ways to whiten the whole body? Today, I’d like to introduce to you what you think is the best way to whiten your whole body. Interested friends may want to have a look at it together. Method 1: Essential Oil whitening + whitening facial mask can also whiten your whole body by soaking in essential oil. Put a few drops of essential oil in the bathtub that has been filled with bath water. Whose hot gas can better release the effect of essential oil? In this way, when you enter the bathtub, you can let your skin absorb essential oil, So that your skin is not only white but also fragrant.

You can also put a piece of facial mask with whitening effect in the bathtub first, and then take a bath, so that your skin can fully absorb the whitening ingredients in the facial mask and become white, tender and transparent.

Method 2: Essential Oil whole body whitening method materials: crude salt, lemon essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, base oil.

Method: mix 15g crude salt with lemon essential oil or 10 drops of sweet orange essential oil, and then add an appropriate amount of base oil.

Function: use it to exfoliate the whole body when taking a bath at night, so that the skin color can be restored to white.

Method 3: whitening and body protection film materials: banana, whole milk, purified water.

How to do it: first mash the banana to a paste, then add whole milk, and then pour in a small amount of water.

Mix and stir bananas, milk and water in a ratio of about 3:5:1, and finally apply it to the skin of the whole body. After 20 minutes, clean it. As long as you use it once, you can feel the skin become tender and moist.

Method 4: Lemon Bath: put some fresh lemon slices in the bathtub and soak for 20 to 30 minutes.

Lemon can effectively save the fatigue of the body, and can make the skin very delicate and smooth, and the aroma of lemon will give you a refreshing effect.

Lemon Bath can also remove the calluses on your heels and elbows to a certain extent, and strengthen the effect of whitening your whole body.

Method 5: Vegetable whole body whitening method material: half a bowl of mung bean powder + Cucumber and Western Celery (proper amount).

Method: evenly stir mung bean powder, cucumber and celery in warm water. Wash and beat into juice.

After all mixing, apply all over the body and wash after 30 minutes.

Function: it can help exfoliate the skin, make the body emit tender natural light, and help whiten the whole body.

Method 6: milk bath method material: milk.

How to do it: put 1 liter of fresh milk into the bath water, and soak it for 30 minutes after washing the body.

Function: it can whiten the whole body and remove aged horniness.

Note: if you think the usage of milk is too fierce, you can buy the milk bath milk on the market, as long as 20ml at a time.

Method 7: black sugar rubbing material: black sugar and honey.

How to do it: after taking a bath, while the heat in the bathroom has not dissipated, mix it with brown sugar and honey, apply it to your body, wait for 15 minutes, and then clean it.

Function: the effect of black sugar itself has a whitening effect in it. In addition, with the adjustment of honey, you can tighten and soften your skin. After brushing with black sugar, you can see that your skin becomes soft and smooth.

For thousands of years, the topic that women can’t escape from in beauty is whitening, which is also what many girls have been pursuing. No matter how white you are, you still want to whiten. After reading the above introduction, do you have a little more understanding of whitening tricks? You might as well try the above introduction.

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