Three effective ways to dispel acne? 3 effective ways to eliminate acne

Acne on the face is a very common skin problem. Not only men and women in adolescence will have acne, but also some adults will have acne for some reasons. Acne can seriously damage the skin, and even if the symptoms disappear, pigmentation or acne marks may appear. Therefore, when you have acne on your face, you should find effective ways to remove it.

Which methods can effectively dispel acne?

1. Externally applied anti-inflammatory and oil controlling facial mask

Traditional Chinese medicine reverse mask for external use is a facial mask specially used to treat acne. The bubbles of this facial mask can enter the deep layer of the skin for cleaning, and the drugs can penetrate into the skin through ultrasonic waves. In addition, this facial mask can automatically generate a warm effect, so that the skin can better absorb the effective ingredients in the Chinese medicine inverted film. This facial mask can not only control the symptoms of inflammation, but also inhibit the secretion of oil, thus reducing the occurrence and development of acne. In addition, the active ingredients in the Chinese herbal inverted film can also play an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial role, so that the skin problems can be slowly alleviated until they disappear.

2. Red and blue light therapy

One of the causes of acne is Propionibacterium infection. The acne caused by this reason can also be removed by red and blue light irradiation. Propionibacterium can be eliminated by blue light irradiation, and the secretion of oil can be controlled to reduce the incidence of inflammation. The red light can penetrate into the deep layer of the skin, repair the skin while treating inflammation, and reduce the occurrence of acne marks when the acne disappears.

3. Laser therapy

Laser treatment mainly relies on strong pulsed light, that is, photons, which emit visible light and near-infrared light with discontinuous spectrum. This kind of light has a strong ability to eliminate the metabolites of acne and eliminate bacteria through photothermal photochemical reactions. This treatment has a good effect on newly appeared acne or recurrent acne.

After growing acne on your face, in addition to finding effective ways to remove acne, you should also pay attention to your usual care. The usual diet should be as light as possible, and spicy and stimulating food, such as pepper, mutton, tobacco and alcohol, should not be eaten. In addition, it is also better to eat less food with high fat and sugar, such as cheese, chocolate, milk tea, ice cream, etc., and it is better to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, work and rest should also be regular, and the number of staying up late should be reduced as much as possible. Staying up late will affect the endocrine and metabolic capacity, thus destroying the skin environment and inducing the appearance of acne. In addition, when acne appears, remember not to squeeze it with your hands, because it is likely to cause infection and leave scars.

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