What are the most effective ways to dispel acne? What is the most effective way to dispel acne

Whether it’s men or women, acne is a pain in the skin. It not only hinders beauty but also is capricious. Therefore, many beautiful women are eager to get rid of annoying acne quickly, but it is easy to get into the wrong area of acne removal. Let’s take stock of the four common acne elimination misconceptions of girls.

Myth 1: long term use of alkaline cleansers

Many people who have acne due to excessive oil secretion think that using cleansing products with strong cleaning ability can effectively dispel acne, but most of these products are alkaline and will cause great irritation to the skin. Moreover, alkaline cleansing products will also lead to the imbalance of water and oil components in the skin, which will lead to more oil secretion, which not only can not effectively dispel acne, but may even make acne persist for a long time.

Myth 2: often use skincare products rich in fat

Friends who often have acne must pay special attention to the choice of skin care products, because many skin care products now contain lipids, such as lanolin and olive oil, which are not suitable for skin with acne. Because the nutrients and oils in these products are too rich, they may block pores and increase the secretion of skin oil, which is harmful to acne removal.

Myth 3: wrong use of tear type facial mask

Tear type facial mask is easy to cause skin inflammation and bacterial invasion, especially for inflamed acne skin. Using tear type facial mask can easily pull inflamed wounds, which is not conducive to the healing of acne. If you need to use a facial mask during acne, you’d better use a piece of facial mask and wash facial mask to avoid stimulating acne.

Myth 4: blindly use exfoliating products such as scrub cream

Many people believe that the cause of acne is pore blockage, and the use of exfoliating products such as scrub can effectively open the channel of skin secretion. But this practice is actually wrong, because the metabolism of keratinocytes in acne skin is different from that in other skin, and many skin cells have not completed their cycles, so there is no need to exfoliate.

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