How to eliminate acne by combining Chinese and Western medicine? Small ways to eliminate acne: combine Chinese and Western medicine to eliminate acne and shape beautiful skin

Acne, with its scientific name of acne, is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of the hair follicle sebaceous gland unit. It mainly occurs in teenagers and has a great impact on their psychology and social life. However, it can be naturally alleviated or cured after adolescence. The clinical manifestations are characterized by multiple skin lesions, such as acne, papules, pustules and nodules, which often occur on the face.

What are the reasons for acne on your face

Drug irritation: some drugs contain irritating toxins. If taken for a long time, the toxins will accumulate in the skin tissue and worsen the acne situation, such as drugs containing bromide and iodide. It may play a catalytic role in the occurrence of acne and aggravate the symptoms of acne on the face.

The stratum corneum of unclean skin is the outermost layer of skin, and 28 days is a metabolic cycle of the outermost stratum corneum. If the stratum corneum is not metabolized normally and becomes thick, the sebaceous glands cannot be discharged normally, so it is easy to get acne on the face.

Food stimulation often eating fried spicy and hot food, such as spicy hot pot, string roast, melon seeds, walnuts, chocolate coffee, etc., will also make acne camp on the face and emerge in an endless stream. Eight reasons for acne on the face: bad hygiene habits some people have poor hygiene habits, often contact their hands with their faces, and the bacteria on their hands are inadvertently brought to their faces, thus promoting acne on their faces.

Insufficient sleep, untimely and frequent lack of sleep will lead to skin metabolism disorder. At this time, acne is easy to grow on the face. This kind of acne mostly appears on the forehead of the clothes. It is really ugly with a waxy yellow face!

Endocrine disorders although some female friends do a good job in facial care and have little oil on their faces, they always have patches of small acne on their faces. Why? The reason may be caused by endocrinology. It is likely that your own endocrine disorder will lead to acne. You need to be careful at this time.

Genetic factors acne caused by such reasons actually only stands at a small part. It is generally difficult to change the natural skin texture. Oily skin prone to acne produces more oil, has larger pores and thicker cuticle than others. In winter, oily skin can keep in good condition, but in summer, the face will be constantly oily, even blocked in a mess, and a pile of acne will grow on the face!

Sebum secretion is too strong. The sebaceous glands of the skin will secrete throughout the year, but in spring and summer, the secretion is particularly strong. Different people’s sebaceous glands have different secretion capacities. People with oily skin have particularly strong sebum secretion. Just because they secrete too much, the pores are very soft and easily blocked, resulting in acne on the face.

Introduction to two traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for dispelling acne

1. Proper amount of ginkgo, wash the affected part with warm water before going to bed every night. Cut the ginkgo seed kernel with the shell removed into a plane with a knife, rub the affected part frequently, and remove the used part while rubbing. Take 1-2 seed kernels each time, generally 7-14 times, and the acne can disappear.

2. Composition: 90 grams of Angelica dahurica and chrysanthemum, 20 ginkgo fruits, 40 grams of cayratidia japonica, 15 grams of pearl powder and 1 pig pancreas. Grind the Pearl fine, mash and mix other medicines, participate in honey and wine brewing, steam it, apply it every night, and wash it off with warm water the next morning. This formula can nourish the skin, prevent wrinkles and freckles, and increase the luster of the face.

Precautions for long acne

Go to bed early. You must go to bed before 12 o’clock so that the blood can go back to the liver to detoxify.

Avoid spicy and greasy food, eat more green food, such as vegetables and fruits, and drink more water, which is conducive to detoxification.

Keep a good mood, learn to relax and relieve pressure.

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