Combing your hair often can alleviate sub-health

The World Health Organization survey shows that in the world, only 5% of the total population are truly healthy, 20% are sick, and the remaining 75% are in sub-health.

According to the survey of the Ministry of health on the health status of office workers in 10 cities on the mainland, 48% of them are in sub-health status, which is particularly serious in economically developed areas, including 75.3% in Beijing, 73.4% in Shanghai and 73.41% in Guangzhou. Sub health has become the number one enemy affecting the health of office workers.

In fact, sub-health can be prevented and reversed. According to experts, sub-health is the transition between health and disease, which is called the third state, also known as gray health. If sub-health continues to develop, it will become a disease; But compared with diseases, sub-health can be reversed and recovered. As long as we take proper health care and recuperation, the sub-health state can be restored to a healthy state.

Professor Chang ZhangFu, College of traditional Chinese medicine, Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, pointed out that for urban white-collar workers who are under great pressure, regular hair combing and health care can prevent and alleviate sub-health.

Urban white-collar workers are busy at work and often sit still for a long time. Some even sit all day long and lack exercise at the same time. As a result of maintaining a fixed sitting posture for a long time, it is easy to cause stagnation of Qi and blood and blockage of meridians, which will inevitably affect physical health over time.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, if the human body’s meridians and Qi and blood are not smooth for a long time, it may cause diseases. If you often stimulate and massage the meridians and acupoints of the human body to make your blood flow smooth, you can recover your health. Combing your hair can massage several important acupoints on the head of the human body to dredge meridians and smooth blood.

The twelve meridians and the eight odd meridians in the human body all converge directly on the head, or indirectly act on the head. Therefore, the human head is also known as the “head of all Yang”. When combing the hair, the comb teeth continuously stroke and press the scalp, which is equivalent to continuously stimulating these acupoints with the comb teeth, so as to dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation around the body, regulate nerve function, eliminate fatigue and fatigue.

in autumn and winter, we should comb our hair more frequently.

As the saying goes, “there is no disease in a summer, and there is no deficiency in three parts”. With the arrival of autumn and winter, the weather environment and human functions are changing. The human body is in a relatively weak state and needs to be adjusted urgently. There is also a folk saying of “autumn tonic”.

In terms of conditioning in autumn, traditional Chinese medicine believes that “Yang is nurtured in spring and summer, and Yin is nurtured in autumn and winter”. In spring and summer, Li is opened and vented, and Yang Qi is transpiration; In autumn and winter, Yang Qi converges and Qi is closed. In this case, on the one hand, autumn and winter conditioning should “replenish the essence of blood”, on the other hand, it should dredge the meridians and activate collaterals. Combing hair can be regarded as a simple, affordable and effective way of health preservation in autumn and winter.

Experts point out that there are two points to pay attention to when combing and preserving health in autumn and winter. First, the air in autumn and winter is dry, easy to get angry, irritable, and prone to sleepiness. It is best to comb your hair once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. Get up in the morning and comb for 10 minutes to promote blood circulation and lift spirit; Take a 5-minute break at noon, which can not only prevent autumn fatigue but also calm irritability; Comb for another 10 minutes at night to ease fatigue and sleep.

Second, the climate is dry, and the hair is easy to dry up and carry static electricity. Therefore, when choosing a comb, it is better to choose a natural, anti-static wide tooth wooden comb and a corner comb, and avoid using a plastic comb.

tips: sub-health self-test

1. Do you have a “General belly”?

2. Do you go to the bathroom very often?

3. Do you have alopecia, alopecia areata and premature baldness?

4. Have you lost your memory and begun to forget the names of your acquaintances?

5. Have you lost your sexual ability?

6. Are you often regretful, irritable, irritable, pessimistic, and difficult to control your emotions?

7. Is your mental arithmetic getting worse and worse?

8. Do you find everything unpleasant, irritable and easy to get angry?

9. Are you distracted and your ability to concentrate is getting worse?

10. Are you unhappy that your physiological routine has been disturbed and always want to return to the original state?

11. When you want to do something, do you always get distracted for unknown reasons and find it difficult to concentrate?

12. Do you sleep shorter and shorter and wake up without fatigue?

13. Are you often in a sensitive and nervous state, afraid of and avoiding someone, somewhere, something or something?

14. Are you prone to fatigue, often feeling lack of energy and physical strength?

15. Do you have any discomfort or pain, but the doctor can’t find out the problem?

16. Do you faint when you are in a bad mood and can’t control your emotions and behaviors?

17. Do you often feel depressed, heavy hearted, unhappy all day, and can’t raise your spirit and interest in work, study, entertainment and life?

18. Are you worried, but don’t you know why?

19. Are you afraid to associate with others, dislike people, have no confidence in others, feel nervous or uncomfortable?

20. Do you think that others are not good, that others do not understand you, that they laugh at you or oppose you?

If you answered “yes” to more than 6 of the above questions, you should pay attention to your sub-health.

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