How to overcome shopping syndrome

In addition to conquering female partners faster and better, we have found more reasons to persuade ourselves to shop patiently:

1. Watch the excitement everywhere

Capturing beauty is an ability. You don’t have to go to a museum to visit. The streets are full of live works of art, just as Churchill saw Vivien Leigh. Good street photos always make us marvel. Although ordinary people do not have the professional vision trained by photographers over the years, out of the instinct for beauty, we are always caught by certain people and things. At the same time, the street is also a mobile cinema. “Live tricks” may be staged at any time, and you may become the first witness. More and more information was first provided by street walkers.

2. Improper “old winter baking”

Changes in fashion can make people feel the endless vitality of life. To study fashion, the simplest and most effective way is to go shopping. Regular shopping can effectively prevent yourself from becoming “old in winter”. The primary course is for department stores, and professional clothing consultants can meet the needs. The advanced version is in the brand store, and the seasonal products they launch need to be matched by themselves. The ultimate training is in cafes, bars, galleries and fashion salons. Trendsetters focus on this, and their critical eyes and comments will be the best training.

3. Train self-control

Shopping doesn’t mean spending more money. This will certainly ease your financial pressure. In fact, people who often go shopping do not spend more time than people who only go shopping once a year. The reason is very simple. When consumption is a necessary behavior, you have to buy all the things you need in one consumption behavior, no matter whether there is a discount or not. People who often shop in the street will know more about the market, know when and where to buy what will be more cost-effective, and know what goods are more suitable for them, which will save energy and time when shopping. Every careful consumption should cost less than a big purchase without planning, and it can often “pick up leaks”. The vitality of good items in your wardrobe is far higher than those of ordinary goods.

4. Keep fit

Has the economic crisis affected your spending in the gym? According to the investment principle of minimum investment and maximum return, shopping without paying may be one of the best fitness methods. Experiments have proved that walking with heavy loads helps to burn excess calories in the body; Walking has long been recognized as one of the effective fitness methods.

5. Resolve interpersonal fatigue

Interpersonal communication is always a heavy topic. Life begins with loneliness and death with loneliness. Don’t get entangled in this inextricable net and feel sorry for yourself. Go shopping, you can meet people unexpectedly, overhear a conversation, and happen to participate in some large-scale activities, which may add new possibilities to your life.

6. Watch beautiful women for free

We often encounter life with “twists and turns”, conflicts with colleagues, bosses who disagree with us, and minor emotions in our relationships with female partners. You need to open the door, walk out of the closed home, and look at the beautiful women in the street with a sudden sense of openness. Although I have a heavy burden on my shoulders, my life is only a moment. Experience the current leisure and freedom.

7. Overcome Internet addiction

Do you have Internet addiction? Powerful online shopping is approaching reality step by step. Most of the online news is pertinent, but “pictures are angels and real objects are demons” are also everywhere. The graphic information given on the Internet, such as “discount”, “last order”, “seckill” and “exclusive”, seems to be extremely popular, as if you would lose a lot if you didn’t buy it. The shopkeepers all have a friendly attitude. But it’s like a TV series adapted from the original, or a shoddy one.

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