Four methods of freckle and beauty? Four ways to remove freckles and maintain beauty

Failure to do a good job in sunscreen, inexplicable irritability, excessive mental pressure and always staying up late will lead to a large number of chloasma on the face, causing dark yellow skin and even wrinkles. If you master these four methods, you can achieve the effect of freckling and beautifying, so that women can have smooth and delicate skin immediately.

What are the methods of freckle and beauty?

1. Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub

Put a small spoonful of brown sugar in the bowl, and then pour in three spoonfuls of brown sugar. If the skin is delicate, you can add an appropriate amount of honey to mix evenly for 5 minutes before using. First of all, clean your face thoroughly, and then gently smear it on your face. You must avoid the eyes and lips. Gently massage with your hands for 5 minutes and then clean it again with flowing water. Do it once a week. This can remove cutin and is very mild. It will not bring any toxic side effects and irritation to the skin. You can see obvious effects after about three times of use, helping to fade color spots, Let you have white skin. Brown sugar contains a lot of nutrients, which can nourish the skin and promote the metabolism of skin cells.

2. Clever use of milk

Milk also has the effect of whitening, beautifying and removing freckles. Pour an appropriate amount of milk into the bowl, and then apply it to the face after being soaked with gauze. After half an hour, clean it with water. Using it once a day can alleviate the skin erythema problem. In addition, you can also mix an appropriate amount of milk and lemon juice together and smear it on the spots. You can see that the spots will fade obviously in about a week.

3. Tea

After soaking the tea for 10 minutes, smear the tea water on your face and gently pat it, so that it can penetrate into your skin. You can also soak cotton cloth in tea and apply it to your face. After three minutes, rinse it with clean water, which can help whiten your skin and remove color spots. In addition, you can also use egg yolk flour reasonably. Mix an egg yolk and a small spoonful of flour evenly, and then smear a spoonful of green tea powder evenly on your face. After 15 minutes, you can wash it thoroughly. As long as it is used consistently, it can help eliminate acne and remove facial oil. After the tea is brewed and squeezed dry, it can also be directly placed in a gauze bag and applied near the eyes before going to bed to help alleviate the fatigue of the eyes and improve the problems of pouch and dark circles under the eyes.

4. Lemon juice

Wash and crush 30g lemon, then mix it with 15g white granulated sugar borax foam, put it in the bottle and seal it for three days. Every morning and night before going to bed, use lemon juice to add a small amount of warm water to blend and apply it to the spots. Apply it for three minutes at a time and rinse it off with water. After a month or so, you can see that the spots gradually fade, but it is not suitable for people with skin allergy. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, B vitamins and minerals, which can take care of the skin.


Work and rest regularly, eat light, ensure adequate sleep, reduce the number of staying up late, develop a good habit of regular defecation, and can’t face the computer for a long time.

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