How to exercise arm muscles

how to exercise arm muscles 1. Elbow plate support training plate support is a relatively popular exercise, which can be completed independently at home without going to the gym. The movements of plank support and push ups are similar, but the difficulty is much higher than the latter. First, lay your body prone on the ground, with the hand joints, shoulder joints and the body at 90 °, hang your body in the air, support all the weight of your body with your feet and forearms, and keep your body in a straight line. Long term adherence to elbow plate support is very effective for exercising arm muscles.

2. Lifting dumbbells every summer, because of the hot weather, boys will wear light short sleeves, and those boys with thin arm muscles will always attract women’s attention. Such boys will also make girlfriends feel more secure. Lifting dumbbells is a very useful method in exercising arm muscles, and this method is very simple. Anyone can complete it. Stand straight and hold a dumbbell in both hands, Then lift it to shoulder level.

3. The action of rotating and swinging the arm is actually a relaxing action. For the first two actions, the requirements of this action are not particularly strict. The most important thing is that this action is more suitable for everyone to do this action after completing the training method, which can relax the muscles of the arm to a certain extent. If the arm is in a state of tension for a long time, the effect of exercise is not particularly good, so I hope everyone can cooperate and relax after completing the action.

4. Push ups support the body with hands, with both arms at 90 degrees to the ground, and both legs extending backward. Use the frontal force of both hands and two toes to maintain the stability of the body and keep the head, body and legs in line. During exercise, the back, legs and body are straight, and the body keeps a flat rise and fall. Bend the arm part toward the outside of the body and lower the center of gravity when the body is basically parallel and tangent to the ground. Use abdominal strength to maintain this posture for one second, then slowly restore to the original state, and then repeat.

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