How to make your own whitening facial mask? Self made Whitening Facial Mask

Moisturizing and skin care have become an indispensable topic for mm in autumn. Acne not only affects their mood when it grows on their faces, but also affects their beauty. So which one should you choose for the whitening facial mask? Which one suits you better? Take a look at your own facial mask with Xiaobian!

Self made whitening facial mask method: protein honey salt facial mask

Ingredients: half a teaspoon of natural salt, one egg protein and one teaspoon of honey.

How to do it: stir the protein and salt until foamy, then pour in the honey and stir.

Application method: Apply after cleaning the face, but avoid touching the eyes and lips. Apply it for one to two minutes, wash your face with warm water after the protein dries thoroughly, wash it with frozen water once more, and then wipe it dry.

Self made whitening facial mask method: Honey double kernel facial mask

Materials: wax gourd kernel, peach kernel

Method: dry the wax gourd kernel and peach kernel, grind them into fine powder, add an appropriate amount of honey, and mix them into a sticky paste.

Application method: apply it on the seal before going to bed every night and wash it the next morning. After applying for three weeks, the seal will gradually fade. Pay attention to sunscreen during treatment.

Tips: wax gourd kernel contains fatty oleic acid, guaramic acid and other ingredients, which has the effect of light printing. Peach kernel is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B6, which not only helps skin to resist oxidation, but also reduces UV damage. The moisturizing effect of honey makes the facial mask better.

Self made whitening facial mask method: red wine honey facial mask

Materials: red wine, honey

How to do it: add 2 to 3 teaspoons of honey to a small glass of red wine to make it thick.

Application method: evenly apply it on the face, and rinse it with warm water after it dries for eight minutes.

Tips: the wine acid in red wine is fruit acid, which can promote the metabolism of cutin, dilute pigment, and make skin whiter and smoother. Honey has the function of moisturizing and nourishing. People who are easily allergic to alcohol should be paid attention to.

Self made whitening facial mask method: whitening and Hydrating Facial Mask

Material: milk

Practice: apply the facial mask paper soaked with the leftover milk to your face and bind it for 15 minutes.

Tip: you can dilute the bean print and repair it after exposure. However, the milk had better be defatted, so as not to grow fat granules. There is no limit to the brand.

Method of self-made Whitening Facial Mask: willow leaf spot removing care solution

Materials: 10g fresh willow leaves, 50ml apple cider vinegar

Method: when making, first chop willow leaves and pour apple vinegar. Then pour into the bottle, shake well and put it into the refrigerator for storage. Shake well once a day for 1 week. After that, filter the vinegar juice into the sterilized bottle. When using, use cotton wool pad to smear vinegar on acne scars

Tips: salicylic acid contained in willow leaves can effectively remove spots.

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