Man helpless: girlfriend is scary after removing makeup

the most helpless multiple-choice question in history: brother, do you love plain face or hate plain face

With women, there is always a layer of “make-up” embarrassment. Although you are born with a developed lying nerve, those lies like “more beautiful without makeup” can still be easily seen through by women. It’s like when you face a big bucktooth, you can still praise “your teeth are so white” with a smile on your face, which makes people sweat falsely.

In fact, our love, hate and hatred for plain face are also quite complex, which is no less than the pain you suffered from struggling between two girls last year. And there is a set of contradictory data to testify to this.

1. According to a survey conducted by a well-known domestic website, 59% of men are soberly aware that their girlfriend really “doesn’t look very good” after taking off her makeup.

2. Even 8% of them admitted that their young hearts were scared and would end this relationship without hesitation.

3. Foreign research shows that “women who spend time waiting for makeup” is the one lucky enough to surpass “shopping with their girlfriends” as the most unbearable event for men.

4. Another conclusion of this study is that the first female consumption that husbands want to stop is the cosmetics budget.

But for the love and hate of those who don’t wear makeup, no matter which Gang they stand in, there is at least one thing that is particularly unified – “find a way to see her face.” the “face” here is designated as “all plain”.

What does your girlfriend look like? At first glance, it sounds like a paparazzi asking who Andy Lau is. However, when women’s make-up skills developed at a rate leading GDP growth, it became a reality. Of course, my friend is not a vegetable eater. He turned his face and joined hands to make a shocking move to remove makeup. The slogan is “let the mask die!”

a psychology triggered by stars and experts fear

On the web page, those who can bravely compete with various “door incidents” and “Miss Liang’s frustrated dream of a rich family” are groups of plain faced photos that almost blind people. The boys’ dormitories often burst out screaming because of this.

When a brother found that Mariah Carey, who had removed her makeup, was older than his mother, Kristen Stewart, who was 20 years old, had bags under her eyes larger than her eyes, and even Gaga, who turned back 1000%, turned into an invisible passer-by, he began to panic, and comforted himself far fetched that “only Daming star would scare people to death after removing her makeup”.

Who would have thought that when a new wave of grassroots talent’s makeup videos pounced on him, his only small luck was crushed. Almost 80% of the talent’s makeup changes can be called scary (children’s restricted level). The crooked melon and cracked jujube in our eyes can also appear in two hours! There’s even a girl who works harder. Go out and only draw half of her face. Dude, if you’ve seen such photos, you’d better drink some tranquilizing tonics before going to bed.

it is now popular to “take her to swimming

This is a unique trick for men who have been stimulated to tell each other in their lives. Because under the education of reality, they increasingly believe in those dream words in cosmetics advertisements, just like the joke that “I sneaked into her boudoir and thought I had the wrong room when I saw her”. In addition, a friend was fascinated by a hot girl on his tail teeth, but was later told by his colleagues that this girl was the front desk girl who looked up but didn’t look down. After listening, he almost vomited blood to death.

Make up is awesome! If you don’t seize the opportunity to let her take off her makeup, I’m afraid you won’t be able to recognize a woman’s face, even if it’s already… Go to bed. Thus, the simple and easy to learn “take her swimming” was born. Once this move was made, the cosmetics company laughed and the waterproof series sold like crazy. However, brothers, don’t be discouraged. No matter how high-quality waterproof eye black can withstand two hours of immersion, as long as it takes time, the truth will be revealed!

And when you enter the pool, you can even examine your body. The waves made by thickened bra are rough, and there are only small hills with gentle terrain. There is no black stockings to cover them. Where are her little elephant legs hidden?

“Hey brother, any move can expose her!”

Men always cry tired, but sometimes it has nothing to do with their work. Just trying to tear up their girlfriend’s mask will exhaust most of their energy. When I check the information, interview real people and chat with jokes, I list the following shocking and harmful moves. I just want to say to you, “who is tired if you are not tired?” Dude, you’re so talented!

Search for “the world’s top ten tearful movies” on the Internet, and then choose the one that can make people cry from beginning to end to enjoy with her. While the protagonist of the movie loves him to death, you will see a face washed away with tears.

Whether you like to exercise or not, you call yourself a “fitness maniac”, and then shamelessly say that you want to be her personal trainer, because dating in the gym always involves sweating enough to spend makeup and finally taking an ending bath.

Don’t give up any chance to boast about being plain. When she finds that you can look so beautiful at a woman who doesn’t look as good as her, she will happily put down her psychological guard, and the next day’s date will probably be blank.

Considerate always gets twice the result with half the effort. It’s hard for a woman to say “no” when sending her a makeup remover and a caring facial mask in a dry cabin. Shooting a couple’s photo is a super loving thing. You may as well take her straight to the photography studio, and then passionately urge her to try on makeup on site. In fact, it is important to remove makeup before trying on makeup! On a certain morning when she must wake up naturally after sleeping, you pretend that the express company delivers flowers to her door, and the truth will come out at the moment she opens the door.

It’s enough to take her to play the super high rapids of happy valley. Remember to sit in the front row. Collude with your friends, take the lead in organizing a truth telling adventure at the party, and implant the evil “on-site makeup removal”. (we don’t recommend you to take this risk. Be careful that your girlfriend completely turns against you and your relationship ends!)

“I want to see the once lovely you” is introduced from a topic about memories. Our goal is to turn over the clear soup photos of her college days. If she deliberately takes out the photos of 100 days, it doesn’t matter. The background can still be seen from a small age.

When you murmur about her double eyelids, OK, open your eyes secretly when you kiss her and look for the scar on her eyelids.

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