It takes a few months to grow a muscle

Having strong muscles is the dream of most fitness lovers! Everyone who walks into the gym with this dream has such a problem! How many months does it take to grow muscles? Let’s have a look!

For fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, it is almost impossible to train large-dimensional muscles in a short time in a pure natural state without drugs. If there are, there are only two possibilities: there is a certain foundation. The first muscle gain is before the bottleneck period of the first stage (fast does not mean that the dimension will be larger, which varies from person to person).

Your muscles and nervous system need an adaptation period! Many friends who have just started fitness will show strength improvement! But my muscles don’t seem to grow much! Muscle movement is controlled by the brain! Muscle nerve adaptation is the dialogue between your brain and muscles, and the progress of strength is the embodiment of more tacit cooperation between your brain and muscles.

After a period of training, the adaptation of the nervous system will be promoted, and the number, speed and fluency of muscle fibers will be strengthened. That is to say, the number of muscle fibers that can be used at the same time will increase, and the strength will naturally be more smoothly displayed. The effect of this kind of neural adaptation is very fast. Basically, in the first 4-8 weeks of contact weight training, the reason for the increase in muscle strength of beginners is almost the result of neural adaptation, and then it will change into muscle adaptation.

For a beginner who has just started fitness, if he works hard for one month, he may hardly see any changes in his body and his muscles will not grow, but his strength will be significantly improved. For example, it will be very difficult to do barbell recumbent press at the beginning, but after one month’s training, the same weight will feel very relaxed.

Why does muscle not grow, but strength does? Because your muscle mass has improved. After a period of training, you will build a richer blood vessel network for your muscles, so as to improve the number, speed and fluency of muscle fiber recruitment. This is also called the muscle adaptation period. The adaptation period is generally 4-8 weeks, which varies from person to person. The adaptation period is to pave the way for subsequent muscle growth.

If you still sweat after the adaptation period, your muscles will grow rapidly. You can grow 0.5-1 kg (male) of muscle every month, and about 10 kg a year.

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