What is the harm of overload fitness

What’s the harm of overworked fitness? 1. Fatigue and weakness: overworked fitness can lead to fatigue and weakness, resulting in the body being tired for a long time, and it is difficult to recover after rest. Once the body appears excessive fatigue after fitness, it needs to consider whether it is more exercise, shorten the time of exercise, and reduce the intensity of exercise.

2. Muscle soreness and overload fitness may also cause the body to produce a large amount of lactic acid, which can not be completely consumed in a short time, resulting in muscle soreness and lumbar muscle strain. General fitness muscle soreness can recover by itself in 1-2 days, but muscle pain cannot recover for a long time after overload training.

3. Immune function damage: excessive exercise for a long time will cause the body to produce immunosuppressive proteins. Leading to the withering of immune cells. There will be a decline in immunity and impairment of immune function. Therefore, it is best to train reasonably according to the intensity that your body can adapt to. Avoid physical conditions.

4. Headache and dizziness usually occur when doing some vigorous exercise, which is mainly related to changes in blood pressure and low oxygen content in blood. It is suggested that people with poor physical fitness should choose sports suitable for themselves according to their own conditions.

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