Eating breakfast like this will harm your health!

As the saying goes, the day’s plan is in the morning. Breakfast is gold, lunch is silver, and dinner is copper. Breakfast can provide 70% of the nutrition of a day. Breakfast not only affects people’s thinking ability, but also causes gastritis, obesity, gallstones and other health problems. Therefore, eating breakfast and eating good breakfast is a very important thing.

breakfast is the most important meal of the three meals.

After a long night’s sleep, the nutrients in the human body have been metabolized by the human body. It is urgent to eat breakfast in the morning to supplement calories and nutrients. Eating breakfast on time in the morning can obtain calories and various nutrients from food, improve the metabolism of the body, and ensure that the body is in a good mental and physical state.

It can be seen that skipping breakfast will seriously damage your health. In addition to the way of eating breakfast, a nutritionally balanced breakfast matching is also very important. However, the following four common breakfast matching have nutrition traps. Let’s take a look!

4 unhealthy breakfast combinations

1 bread and milk

Bread contains more fat and sugar, and it is refined, so its nutritional value is not high. And the breakfast with bread and milk has a high sugar content, which will cause the blood sugar of the human body to soar. After breakfast, the blood sugar will drop again soon, and it is easy to have bad symptoms such as fatigue and low spirits.

healthy eating method: try not to eat stuffed bread with high calories and fat for breakfast. When eating bread, avoid applying butter, peanut butter, etc. to avoid eating too much trans fat. It is recommended to use two pieces of toast with a piece of low-fat cheese, and add a bottle of low-fat milk or yogurt, so that the nutrition of breakfast will be more balanced.

2 Shaobing and fried dough sticks match

The fat of the baking cake is too high. The more a baking cake has about 230-250 calories, 25% of which comes from fat, and it is easy to get fat if you eat too much. In addition, fried dough sticks belong to high-temperature fried foods, which are high in fat and difficult to digest, and after high-temperature frying, all nutrients will be lost, and even carcinogens will be produced.

healthy eating method: don’t make breakfast with baked cake and fried dough sticks more than once a week. If you have fried bread sticks for breakfast, you should try to have light lunch and dinner. You should not eat fried food, but eat more vegetables and fruits.

In addition, it is suggested that when eating fried dough sticks with sesame cakes for breakfast, you should never drink too sweet soymilk, and the most important thing is soymilk without sugar, so as to avoid eating too much sugar.

3 congee with side dishes

Although the breakfast matching of porridge and side dishes does not have the problem of high fat, it lacks protein, and the mustard or tofu milk matched with porridge is too salty, has a high sodium content, and contains a large amount of food preservatives, which is easy to damage the liver and kidney.

healthy eating method: for breakfast, it is better to choose porridge with grains and grains that is more nutritious than porridge. When eating porridge, it is recommended not to eat it only with mustard, but also with poached eggs or lean meat to supplement protein and ensure balanced nutrition.

4 matching fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables seem healthy, but they have less calories and cannot be used as a source of energy for a day. If fruits and vegetables are the staple food for breakfast for a long time, it is easy to cause malnutrition, fatigue and hunger.

healthy eating method: it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits with sandwiches or toast as breakfast to ensure the energy intake of the body.

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