Common sense on correct sub-health

“No disease” is not without disease, nor is it a visible serious disease. According to the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine, the body has appeared an imbalance of yin and Yang, Qi and blood, and viscera. Our ancestors realized long ago that, in addition to actively seeking ways to eliminate diseases, they also accumulated many measures to prevent diseases.

There is a day in the Yellow Emperor’s Canon of internal medicine: “it is not too late for a sage to cure a disease before it is cured, for a husband to cure a disease after it is cured, and for a disorder to cure it after it is cured. For example, it is still too late to cross a well and fight to forge a soldier.” It can be clearly seen from this that our ancestors have realized the importance of “taking precautions against diseases”.

Sub health refers to non disease and non health state, which is a kind of second-class health state (sub-health means second-class), which is the state between health and disease, so it has the titles of “sub-health”, “third state”, “intermediate state”, “free (moving) state” and “gray state”. It is a state of low physiological function between disease and health. Sub-health is also a precursor of many diseases, such as hepatitis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and so on.

There are six highs and one low in sub-health people, namely, high load (psychological and physical), hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, high body weight and low immune function.

In detail, sub-health is a big concept, which includes several stages that are connected before and after. Among them, the one closely adjacent to health can be called “mild psychosomatic disorder”, which is often characterized by fatigue, insomnia, poor appetite and emotional instability. However, these disorders are easy to recover, and they are no different from healthy people after recovery. It accounts for about 25% ~ 28% of the population.

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