Do you lose weight or become thicker in basketball?

Playing basketball is also a hobby of many friends, because ball games stress team cooperation, which can not only exercise, but also increase the relationship with friends. So, do you have thin legs or become thicker when playing basketball?

Friends who want to slim their legs will choose some sports to exercise, and playing basketball is also a good sport. Now let’s introduce whether playing basketball is thin or thick. Those who don’t know this can learn from the following.

1. Do you have thin legs or become thick when playing basketball?

Playing basketball makes your legs thick, because especially for girls, the amount of exercise is not much at ordinary times. Well, playing basketball is a high-load sport, which consumes more physical strength, and the exercise intensity of the legs is relatively large, so it is normal to cause a certain degree of coarsening of the legs. Will women’s basketball legs become thicker? Will women’s basketball legs become thicker? Is there a better way to solve this problem? Of course, there are other ways. Let’s discuss it in detail.

2 how to avoid the problem of thick legs after exercise?

Because playing basketball is a rhythmic sport. Walking and running take a lot of time. It is well known that running usually leads to thicker legs, and walking or riding a bicycle also leads to thicker legs. In this way, playing basketball will definitely cause the legs to become thicker, because relatively speaking, there is more exercise for the legs, but for some obese people, playing basketball can play a certain role in reducing the legs, because relatively speaking, walking less, and then playing basketball itself is easy to sweat, which can help us lose weight, so as to achieve the effect of reducing weight and reducing the legs. Of course, some methods can be used to relieve the symptoms of thick legs after playing basketball. After playing basketball, you can pat your muscles. 10. Your muscles are relaxed. Of course, you can also improve it by hot or cold compress. However, relatively speaking, if you control the amount of exercise, the effect of leg thickening is not obvious, so you don’t have to worry too much, nor do you care too much. Of course, if playing basketball really causes leg thickening, you can still carry out targeted training through other lean leg movements, which is very helpful to the lean leg department. You can also try to do it at ordinary times. Women playing basketball do have a certain possibility of leg thickening, but this is not particularly obvious, so there is no need to be too nervous. As long as they have a certain physical recovery after playing basketball, they can. In addition, they must pay attention to their physical condition after exercise and do not exercise too much.

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