Women do 10 things that move men most

he wants to do this.

1. Hug her and praise her every day, no limit of times and occasions. If you are lax or ashamed to express yourself because you feel that you are an old husband and wife, be careful, she will begin to feel that your love for her is not as good as before in the bottom of her heart.

2. Put forward necessary and effective suggestions for her dress or makeup in time. When she asks you for your opinion, don’t say “OK” without looking up. This will make her feel that you don’t value her. Think about it. Isn’t it because of these trifles that many quarrels occur?

I know her size, and I won’t refuse to accompany her to lingerie shop. The men who accompany women to lingerie shops are good men. The men who will buy Lingerie for women are definitely of high quality, and the men who can buy back the “right” lingerie are the best.

If I want to have a party with my friend, I must tell her in advance and tell the truth. Whether you are going to meet your college classmates (your first love will also be there) or go to the bar to watch the hot dance with your friends, it is necessary to ask for leave in advance. Otherwise, when paper cannot contain fire, you will taste the bitter fruit of a woman once she feels cheated.

5. Don’t work with female colleagues after overtime. Yes, office gossip must be prevented in advance. If you can avoid it, avoid it and give the opportunity to those single men!

6. The mobile phone is always in the “welcome to check” state. If there is no secret, of course “welcome to check”. This is the fact: the more open you are, the less likely you will be to conduct covert investigations.

7. If you have a confidant, let her be your common friend. Of course, the best situation is that you never need other confidants. Your ultimate and only beauty is her.

8. Influence her with your hobbies and don’t enjoy yourself. Being happy alone is not as good as being happy with others, and the same applies to marriage. Whether you like to play ball, climb mountains, explore or even play piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, develop her into your “offline” and become a pair of real-life “Condor Heroes”!

9. Make the weekend a complete “family day”. This is very important. At least on weekends, you completely belong to her and her family. “Family day” is an important nerve center for building a sense of security. No matter how late you come home, at least she will know that you will always be with her on weekends.

10. I care about her, including her mood, health, friends and all trivial matters. It only needs a little more care and patience. Caring is not necessarily verbal or superficial farfetched behavior. Regular text messages or phone calls are enough to make her feel warm in the bottom of her heart.

she wants to do this.

1. Before going to work in the morning, help him tidy up his tie and smooth his unruly hair. Small details will also make a man feel warm and soft. When these details become a habit, he will feel more secure and inseparable from you.

2. Buy him well fitting and high-quality underwear. In this way, he will have a subtle good feeling every day: my wife bought it for me! Does he have the heart to cheat?

Remember every special day and celebrate with him. It doesn’t have to be done by men. The way women celebrate will be more intimate and romantic, and it will also make them feel more warm and loving.

4. Know his favorite dishes, and have the courage to learn and practice. Although the saying that “seizing a man’s stomach is equivalent to seizing a man’s heart” is a bit out of style, it really works. Knowing his taste, cooking his favorite dishes, or learning to cook his favorite dishes, even if it is only occasionally done, will make him deeply feel your love.

5. Take “dear, hard work” as a mantra. Whether it’s coming home from work or repairing electrical appliances and faucets, don’t forget to hug him and say “Dear hard work”.

6. When he wants to be alone, go away quietly. It is said that men have a “cave period”. When they have problems, they are used to being alone and combing their thoughts quietly. At this time, don’t have to express your concern and walk away quietly. He will appreciate your consideration and understanding.

7. When you are sure that he has troubles, don’t rush to give him advice. Unless he formally puts forward a demand, you must not rush to solve his problems. Believe that he can handle it well, otherwise, he will feel hurt deeply, because you obviously express distrust of his ability.

8. I don’t mind letting him pluck your gray hair. In front of your lover, you don’t need any hypocrisy. You will spend a long life together. You have given him all your white hair. What else can you hide from him and can’t trust?

9. Dress yourself and dress him. Let you always be a pair of perfect people in the eyes of your friends. You are not afraid to make him young and handsome forever, because you have not lost confidence – how can a woman who has no confidence in herself give others a sense of security?

10. I love him and say it. Similarly, the number of field combinations is not divided. Don’t always ask him whether he loves me or not. On the contrary, always tell him your love.

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