Harm of eating too much and too little salt

Salt is an indispensable substance for human body. It has the functions of promoting metabolism, improving body temperature and enhancing immunity, and can prevent constipation, cold and hangover. In addition, it also plays an important role in maintaining a certain osmotic pressure of body fluid, participating in the transmission of nerve excitation and muscle contraction. It is the raw material of digestive juice such as intestinal juice, gastric juice and bile, and also has detoxification effect on harmful substances in the body. In addition, bathing in hot water with natural salt can promote blood circulation, have a good effect on improving body coldness, and make skin beautiful.

If you sweat too much when you exercise in hot weather, water and salt will be lost in large quantities, which will reduce the muscle contraction function and nerve transmission function and cause spasm serious lack of salt in the body will affect the myocardium, resulting in low blood pressure, shock and death

In France and the United Kingdom, the use of sea water containing salt, seaweed, sea mud, etc. to treat diseases and beautify is very popular. Marine therapy in French refers to the natural therapy of treating the body with seawater. The use of ocean therapy can promote blood circulation, enhance the activity of cells, improve the imbalance of the circulatory system and nervous system, relieve pressure and beauty.

Seawater contains about 100 minerals such as sodium (salt), magnesium, calcium and potassium. Human blood and amniotic fluid of pregnant women also contain minerals such as sodium and iodine, which are similar to seawater.

To sum up, salt is very important to the human body people who lack salt in their bodies will have poor metabolism and their ability to detoxify harmful substances will also decrease. Wastes will accumulate in the blood, causing congestion if people with poor blood circulation do not take enough salt, their body temperature will drop even lower and become cold constitution. Such people are very easy to get sick

It should be reminded that people who exercise less and sweat less should not take in too much salt. People with high blood pressure should also pay attention to controlling salt intake Japan’s Ministry of health, labor and welfare suggests that the daily salt intake per person is 10g you can check whether the amount of salt you eat every day is appropriate.

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