He doesn’t love you anymore

Love is easy to get carried away. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. A single woman, no matter how smart and capable she is at work, actually does not know men in love, or even how to deal with them. When many women are in love, they can’t tolerate others to say anything bad about their objects. They think that others have some intentions, and even get carried away by love. They can’t see the dangers in love.

A man is very good at camouflaging his heart, or he doesn’t have you in his heart, but what he shows is very different from his heart. If you are not careful, you won’t feel different at all. We can leave more snacks, carefully observe your boyfriend, see if he doesn’t love you, and see the ten sentences that prove that he doesn’t love you anymore.

1. “I don’t want to destroy our friendship”

Most of love comes from friendship. Now women chasing men has become a fashion. After all, it is easier for women to succeed if they take the initiative. When you tell him one day that you want your feelings to exceed friendship, he may have a reserved look and say, “I don’t want to destroy our friendship”, so don’t have any hope.

Any man will not care about breaking his “friendship” in order to get close to you, nor can he be afraid to chase you because of his shyness and inferiority complex. The only thing he is afraid of is that he is so “indifferent” to you. He won’t know how to contact your mobile phone, email, Im, unless he doesn’t want to find you, unless he doesn’t love you!

2. “I’m busy”

“I’m so busy that I forget.” I often hear men say this in love. But is he really busy?

“Busy” is the most commonly used excuse for a man. No matter whether he is dating other people or socializing, one word of “busy” can cope with his girlfriend very well. Sometimes he says that being busy means that he is doing something he does not want you to know. Sometimes, being busy only means that he has not put your agreement at ease and completely forgotten it. If he really loves you, he will not forget, because forgetting shows that he does not care about your disappointment. “Busy” is a weapon of mass destruction in love. It is a synonym for “asshole”. An asshole is the person who uses busy to perfunctory you. Do you think such a person still loves you?

3. “I’m tired”

When you asked for love, he said “I’m tired”, and you were hit, thinking that he must be tired before ignoring you. But friends, when you think about the time when he was in love, he was so energetic that he could not meet his requirements twice a night. Is he really old? Is he no longer energetic?

Men are also fond of sex and food, and men are even more fond of sex. If a man perfunctorily treats you in sexual matters, or even makes excuses to evade it, it only proves one thing, that is, he no longer loves you.

4. “We are still young”

You urged him to get married, he said “we are still young”, and listed a lot of reasons not to get married for the time being. At present, there is no career, and after marriage, life will be very expensive… Many high-sounding reasons seem to be thinking of you, but don’t be deceived by the male’s appearance.

Many people may have experienced or seen such an example: a couple has been in love for N years, and everyone thinks they are about to get married, but they suddenly break up, and then one of them married someone else in a flash. The other party may have to feel painful and puzzled: why can’t we “blossom and bear fruit” after so many years of feelings and efforts? At this time, someone needs to give you a slap in the face: please, don’t torture yourself any more. Having not been together for so many years can only prove that he really doesn’t love you. He just hasn’t met anyone who really wants to get married. So, it’s not that you are still young or the time is not yet ripe, but that he doesn’t love you and doesn’t want to marry you.

5. “I just got divorced. I want to take my time”

You are not the only woman around him. You don’t know his inner world and what position you are in his heart. He said to you, “I just got divorced and want to take my time”

A newly divorced man does need a period of time to accept another relationship again, but this does not mean that he can act recklessly, play with feelings and be ambiguous. If he likes you, he will not be ambiguous, and will declare the ownership of you to the world. When should we slow down? When he wants to accept a relationship again, are you sure that the one who is with him is still you? If he uses this excuse to explain his ambiguous relationship with others, please translate it into “I just want to kill time with you” and “I don’t love you”.

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