Three things to do before going to bed can delay aging! Many people don’t know!

Aging has always been with us. How to delay aging is a topic of concern to many people. Although aging is inevitable, if we can develop good habits in daily life, we can ease the pace of aging. Sleep is something that takes up nearly 1 / 3 of our time every day, and it is also the basis for maintaining physical health. If we do a few more things before going to bed, it will not only improve the quality of sleep, but also be good for delaying aging. Develop these bedtime activities to delay aging and get twice the result with half the effort!

Doing these things before going to bed can help delay aging

1. Wash your face with warm water before going to bed

After a whole day’s exposure to the sun and wind, the face is easy to be stuck by dust and bacteria. Many people have the habit of washing their faces, but they usually wash their faces when they get up in the morning and go out to go home. Washing your face with warm water before going to bed is good for preventing skin aging. Warm water can dilate pores and help discharge some dirt hidden in pores. Especially for women, because they often need to make up, their faces are often in contact with various cosmetics. Before going to bed, they should carefully remove their makeup and do not let cosmetics “stay overnight” on their skin. The residue of chemicals is often one of the inducements to accelerate skin aging. Moreover, many people have the habit of playing with computers and mobile phones at night. Washing their faces with warm water before going to bed can wash away some radiation particles and dust, ensure skin cleanness, and make sleeping comfortable.

2. Drink honey milk before going to bed

Drinking milk before going to bed can help you sleep. If you add some honey to the milk, the effect will be better. The sleep supporting effect of milk comes from the tryptophan contained therein. Tryptophan helps to promote sleep, while honey helps to maintain the blood sugar balance of the human body, which can avoid early awakening caused by hypoglycemia, thus ensuring the quality of sleep.

3. Soak your feet in hot water before going to bed

Many people have the experience of being unable to fall asleep because of their cold feet in winter. It is helpful to use hot water to bubble their feet before going to bed to alleviate the cold feet and help them fall asleep. In fact, not only in winter, but also in other seasons, soaking your feet in hot water before going to bed can help improve the quality of sleep. The distance between the feet and the heart is far. If there is no exercise at ordinary times, or women like to wear high heels, the blood circulation of the feet will also be poor. Every night before going to bed, always soak your feet in hot water, which has a good effect on promoting blood circulation and metabolism. It can also relieve muscles and bones, usually meridians, and help middle-aged and old people prevent various diseases.

In addition to the above matters, we should also pay attention to avoiding staying up late, not eating too much before going to bed, and avoiding being too excited. Only in this way can we get a comfortable sleep, which is conducive to health care and delaying aging.

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