How long is the best time for strength training every day

how long is the best time for strength training?

Generally speaking, for beginners, strength training for about 40 minutes a day is enough. Generally, it takes 10 to 20 minutes to warm up by jogging, and then starts about 10 minutes of strength training. After completing the strength training, it is necessary to stretch the ligament to avoid damage to the ligament and better achieve the fitness effect.

Muscle enhancement is due to the slight muscle damage caused by strength training. After the training, the body will slowly repair and produce excessive recovery, so the muscle will become thicker and thicker like the cocoon on the hand.

Strength training during muscle growth should be heavy, low frequency, and multiple groups. Many people only remember multiple groups. In fact, in addition to heavy weight, strength training should also control the interval time, because if you exercise again after your body has fully recovered, you will lose your fitness effect.

It is suggested that when the number of times of light weight training is replaced by the number of times of heavy weight, the interval time is controlled well, and the appropriate number of groups and times are finally considered, the fitness effect will be 100 times stronger than before. (generally, 6-8 movements are selected for each training, and 3-4 groups for each movement are enough)

Reducing fat and doing aerobic exercise are equally important. The concept of aerobic jogging for an hour is completely different from jogging for an hour. Just like a car burning oil, the faster the engine speed, the greater the horsepower, and the greater the fuel consumption per unit time. Fat is like oil in a car, and speed is your running speed.

It is recommended to change aerobic to a slightly faster way or high-intensity interval training. During exercise, the heart rate should be high and the breathing should be rapid. (of course, novices need to step by step, otherwise it is difficult to adhere to)

Whether it is to increase muscle or reduce fat, it is recommended to warm up first, then strength training, then aerobic, and finally relax. Fat reduction requires slightly lower strength training, but higher intensity strength training will also play a greater role in fat reduction.

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