How to exercise leg strength? Methods of leg strength training

how to exercise leg strength? Methods of leg strength training

Leg strength exercise method 1:

Squatting is a very common action to exercise the hips, and it can also exercise the relevant muscles of the legs to a certain extent. It should be noted that during exercise, the back needs to be kept in a straight state, and the feet also need to be separated by the same distance as the shoulders.

Leg strength exercise method 2:

One foot step jump. It is necessary to increase the height with the help of certain objects. When both hands are in a state of holding tightly in front of the chest, using the action of jumping on one foot to adjust to the object for raising, and then returning to the original position can exercise the relevant muscles of the legs well.

Leg strength training method 3:

Walk in lunges. When doing sports, you also need to keep your back in a straight state, and then put your hands on your waist and hip in the state of fists, and then gradually walk forward in the state of one knee ghost kneeling posture.

Leg strength exercise method 4:

If you want to exercise your leg strength and don’t want to use instruments, there is also a simple way to do hip bridge exercise. This kind of exercise needs to lie on a plane. If the bed can provide support, you can lie on the bed. Otherwise, you can lie on the ground. Put something like a yoga mat under your body, keep the supine posture, bend your knees, put your feet flat on the ground, put your hands and arms on the ground, and use the strength of your thighs and waist to pull your body off the ground. Be careful not to use too much force to avoid hurting your cervical spine.

Leg strength exercise method 5:

Lie on your back and lift your legs. When doing supine leg lift, lie flat on the ground or yoga mat, with the help of both hands to keep your body stable, lift your legs 90 °, and choose straight legs or bent legs according to your personal situation. When training, pay attention to keeping your back close to the ground as much as possible, otherwise you will easily get hurt.

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