How much do you know about the love concept of men who only do not love

In today’s society, men want to leave after they are happy, while women want to live forever. This is a basic set of contradictions that can hardly be resolved. Therefore, many leftover men and women are at a loss and afraid of marriage. Therefore, it has brought a huge market, only doing but not loving. However, women are bound by thousands of years of tradition, and men have received thousands of years of orthodox education. It has created a reality that both men and women wander around lonely at home, looking for nothing to do.

“love is a commitment” is nonsense to men.

For men, saying “I love you” is as common as eating. What is love? It’s a kind of commitment. It’s the essence of people to grasp the current fun. Commitment only represents what you want to do well at that time. After that time, whether you do it or not is another matter. But most women take love very seriously. When they hear men say they love themselves, they will take it seriously. But they don’t know that men may be joking. This has caused many women to wait silently for a man, and it is often the case that they die alone.

The pace of life of modern people is very fast. People also like to make a quick decision about love. If they love, they will love. If they don’t love, they will divide; If you like it, do it. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Cooking is like fast food. It is fast and fast. Both sides have needs. It is just to meet the needs of both sides. It does not need to pay real feelings, let alone spend a lifetime waiting. If you are serious about being a man, it would be foolish. The city of desire is full of colorful temptations, and men satisfy their desires by “doing”. For problems that can be solved quickly, men will not choose to exchange a lifetime commitment.

you are not his dish.

People often use whether it is their own dish to describe whether it is suitable for them.

Men are confused before marriage. They don’t know what they really need. They can only grope slowly in practice to find their own vegetable. If you happen to be a man’s vegetable, he will love you deeply. For a woman he loves deeply, he will not “do” with you easily. Even if he does, he will not break up with you easily. He should be responsible for you.

Women are vulnerable animals. Before you understand men’s psychology, it is the best way to protect yourself not to “do” with men easily. No one can guarantee love, and it is often women who are most hurt after separation. A man needs a woman when his desire comes, but the woman he thinks of after his desire is his vegetable. When a man’s desire comes, you easily agree to him, which will only reduce your perfection in his heart. Wake up his love for you in his heart, and let him really love you, instead of treating you as a partner when desire strikes.

lack of responsibility and fear of taking responsibility

Not all men have a sense of responsibility, and how can people without a sense of responsibility be responsible for women and families?

A man who only loves “doing” but is unwilling to love is not worthy of your deep love.

They are used to thinking differently and always think that what others have and what they can’t get is the best. They think it doesn’t matter whether there are women or not. In other words, they have no long-term plans to marry and live with a certain woman.

But if someone is willing to live together in this way and enjoy a short happy life, he will have no problem. With your meticulous care, you can enjoy the lingering sex and feelings and find your next goal while enjoying them. In this way, you can satisfy your own desires without being responsible for the other party.

For men who lack a sense of responsibility, women are just floating clouds. He won’t pay too much for you, he will only fool you with sweet words. Why break your heart for such a man?

A man just wants to do what he doesn’t want to love. In the final analysis, he doesn’t love you enough.

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