Sub health problems caused by psychological stress

Most modern people have sub-health, and the formation of sub-health is very many. It has been found that excessive psychological pressure can also lead to sub-health. It is precisely psychological problems that most urban people are prone to.

From the doctor, Xiao Zhang learned that in fact, the manifestation of sub-health is not only insomnia, but also psychological manifestation: low spirits, low mood, slow reaction, insomnia and dreams, daytime sleepiness, inattention, memory loss, irritability, anxiety, easy to panic, etc. Usually, they will be tired, weak, short of breath during activities, sweating, backache and leg pain.

Because now the pace of work is obviously speeding up and the pressure is increasing, Xiao Zhang’s mood is often in a state of continuous tension. If this tension can be moderate, it is conducive to progress and health. However, she is too nervous and worried about her work, and her psychological endurance is not strong. Coupled with long-term psychological fatigue, her psychological fatigue is suppressed in the deep part of her heart. Over time, she becomes depressed and irritable.

The sub-health state can be changed

The doctor also introduced to Xiao Zhang how to change this sub-health method. First of all, she must learn to rest and regulate her emotions scientifically, which can make people calmly deal with various problems encountered in work, study and interpersonal relations, and at the same time, dare to face themselves.

Face the objective reality with a positive attitude and effective actions. For example, on the premise of ensuring adequate sleep, meditate alone, make a “spiritual journey” and talk with your own heart; Or find a reliable friend to talk about your inner fatigue and troubles, analyze and accept the reality with the help of friends, be good at adjusting your life and work style, and be relaxed.

The reason why people feel tired is that emotions make our bodies nervous. Therefore, we should learn to relax and free ourselves from tension and fatigue. Secondly, actively participate in physical exercise and entertainment activities. This is a good medicine to improve and relax your mood. You can make an exercise plan, or jog, or bike, or gymnastics, and so on, to transfer mental fatigue through physical exercise.

In addition, they can also devote themselves to their hobbies and entertainment in their spare time, such as listening to music, chatting, traveling and collecting; Go to a movie with your boyfriend and so on, so as to forget fatigue.

In the diet, we should also pay attention to the preparation and eat light food. Festive meals are greasy, and eating more will increase fatigue in the body. Therefore, try to choose foods with low fat content. For those who have entered or will enter the state of chronic diseases, traditional Chinese medicine should be used to regulate them. Under the guidance of doctors, some proprietary Chinese medicine preparations or health food that can regulate immune function or strengthen physique can be appropriately selected according to their physical conditions.

There is a cure

After a period of recuperation, when Xiao Zhang appeared in front of me again, she was full of vitality, as if she had seen her at school again. Because her mental state is better, she and her boyfriend are much happier than before! She also told me a little secret recipe that can relieve sub-health: aloe juice, a home-made small drink, can strengthen the spleen and stomach and improve immunity.

Because natural aloe plants contain a variety of trace elements, rhubarb also has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. It has a good effect on improving poor mood. The preparation method is very simple: use 5g fresh aloe, 3 apples, 30g lemon and a little honey. Squeeze the original juice together, add honey, adjust the taste, twice a day, 5g each time. It’s really killing three birds with one stone to have a good appetite and beauty! (Note: Aloe Vera has a certain diarrhea inducing effect, and should not be eaten in excess)

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