Is sit ups an anaerobic exercise

In our life, we all know that there are many sports, some of which belong to aerobic exercise, while some belong to anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise have different requirements and different effects. Therefore, we must make targeted choices. Is sit ups an anaerobic exercise?

Is sit ups an anaerobic exercise

Sit up is a very common exercise in our life. Generally speaking, this exercise is not an aerobic exercise, but an anaerobic exercise. Many elderly people and children may feel very difficult when doing sit up. If they practice sit up forcibly, especially those with heart disease, There may be different symptoms such as palpitation or dyspnea, so try not to perform such actions. Of course, there are many other anaerobic sports, such as weightlifting, high jump, throwing, running, tug of war, long jump, etc. all belong to anaerobic sports, and these are not allowed for the elderly.

Aerobic exercise is also very common in our life. This kind of exercise mainly refers to the exercise that can normally supply oxygen to our body in the process of exercise. Generally, the exercise time is relatively long and the intensity of exercise is relatively low, which is similar to yoga exercise. As for anaerobic exercise, it is actually a high-speed and intense exercise conducted by the muscles in a state of hypoxia. It is a strong transient exercise, so it is difficult to practice for a long time, and the time to eliminate fatigue is slower. It can be seen that aerobic exercise is completely different from anaerobic exercise.

Is sit ups an anaerobic exercise? Generally speaking, sit ups do not belong to aerobic exercise, so they belong to anaerobic exercise. The difference between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise is very big. What I mean is that when you have a certain demand, you must choose a suitable method to exercise according to your own situation. The related content about whether sit ups are anaerobic exercise is described in detail above, I hope I can help you.

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