Eight beauty and Whitening Tips eight beauty and Whitening Tips

When the skin has many problems such as roughness, dullness and greasiness inexplicably, I have to warn you that it may have been poisoned. A long time ago. Westerners are keen on sunbathing and pursue wheat colored skin to show that they often have leisure time for vacation and have a high status. In the East, dark skin is the symbol of the laboring masses, and the rich are white and fat. In recent years, because the sun may cause skin cancer, skin aging, freckles, dark spots, and so on, Western women are afraid to expose themselves to the sun. Whitening and moisturizing have gradually become the same aesthetic standard. Whitening Tips: what can I eat to whiten? If you want to whiten, sunscreen is the most important thing, and diet is the most important thing. So what can you eat to whiten? Most fruits and vegetables have whitening effects. As long as you eat them correctly, you won’t be afraid of whitening. Let’s learn eight small ways to beautify and whiten the whole body.

Eight small ways to beautify and whiten the whole body?

1. Drinking more water can whiten the whole body

Drink a large cup of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning, and add lemon to get a better effect. In addition, drink a small glass of water 30 minutes before going to bed, so that the cells can fully absorb it, which can prevent melanin and effectively whiten.

2. Tofu + kelp has good whitening effect

You can eat more tofu at ordinary times. It’s best to bring it with the sea. Tofu is rich in protein and kelp is high in iodine, which is super effective for whitening the whole body.

3. Drinking more milk and eating more vegetables and fruits can whiten the whole body

Drink more milk to whiten, and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, lemons, guava, Liuding, hawthorn, and fresh green leafy vegetables. Try to eat less food with strong sensitivity, such as coriander, radish, celery and so on.

4. Practical whole body whitening lotion

The best way to achieve whitening effect is to apply a little moisturizer all over the body. If you persist in using it, it will take about a week to get results, and you can basically whiten your whole body in a month.

5. Fried and spicy food is the killer of whole body whitening

Fried food, spicy and other stimulating food: such as coffee, cocoa, scallion, garlic, cinnamon, pepper, pepper, etc. will lead to melanin precipitation and freckles. If you want to whiten your whole body, you should eat less.

6. After sunburn, you should maintain it in time to whiten your whole body

No matter how long you have been out in the sun, you should take a bath with warm water, then rinse with cold water, and massage your whole body with some skin lotion, so as to ensure the whitening effect of your whole body.

7. Ensuring adequate sleep time is the key to whitening the whole body

To ensure more than 8 hours of sleep every day is the key to whitening the whole body. Don’t lose your temper and get angry. Listen to more music and keep a good mood.

8. Body Whitening Tips

Eat more job’s tears boiled oats at ordinary times, job’s tears have a good whitening effect! The best way is to make breakfast and absorb it more fully! You should drink more lemonade to help whiten your skin

Attachment:. Lemon: Lemon rich in vitamin C can promote metabolism, delay aging, whiten spots, narrow pores, soften cuticle and make skin shiny. According to research, lemon can reduce the incidence rate of skin cancer. As long as one spoonful of lemon juice is used every week, the incidence rate of skin cancer can be reduced by 30%. Therefore, more lemon is better.

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