Latent killer: mental sub-health

There are many ways to express sub-health. If you feel tired, it is a sign that your physical health is beginning to decline, but if your mental health is in crisis, you may not notice it for a long time. The harm of mental sub-health is no less than that of physiology. We can understand this from the following events.

The harmfulness of mental sub-health has not been paid enough attention to for many years. In many cases, mental sub-health affects us more than physical diseases.

Nausea, vomiting, tension for no reason, falling into a low mood period for a long time, either manic or listless, went to the hospital for examination, but the result was “first-class health”! At this time, you should think about whether you have fallen into a “mental sub-health state”! In fact, if conditions permit, seeing a psychologist should also become a “habitual action” of white-collar workers, like playing ball and taking a sauna, as part of their daily relaxation activities——

Obsessive compulsive disorder: the boss of the company is afraid of leaving something behind.

Before leaving the office every day, Mr. Song, the boss of a company, would lie on the ground, carefully search every corner of the office, turn over the stools and tables, “collect” the pieces of paper and notes that fell on the ground, tear them up one by one, and not even let go of the waste paper in the wastepaper basket.

He is like a hunting dog with a keen sense of smell, searching for all things that may have handwriting, lest his signature be left on any piece of paper, and his company and property be stolen and destroyed! Under the guidance of the doctor, Mr. Song finally found the cause of the disease – because he spoiled his children too much and was afraid that his carelessness would bring bad luck to the family, so he often “searched the carpet” – he had OCD!

The doctor suggested that in addition to taking medicine, Mr. Song must put a shredder in his office to “destroy the corpse and trace” anytime and anywhere.

Depression: a recent promotion – is there anyone behind it?

“I was suddenly promoted to a prominent position by the boss. I didn’t have time to prepare, so I suddenly fell into a wrong path!”

Mr. Zheng is nearly 40 years old and has been transferred to another department of the company as the head. After leaving his old subordinates, he always felt uncomfortable and always felt that his new subordinates were pointing at him behind his back. Because he was not familiar with the environment, Mr. Zheng could not adapt to his new job in a short time. He became more and more agitated and thought all day about how to “skip work”. Finally, he became a depressive patient. He stayed at home every day and refused to go out. He was not interested in doing anything.

Postpartum depression: new mothers – what to do if the child is not well raised?

Postpartum depression is “the most dangerous depression”! Not only will new mothers get depression after childbirth, but even before childbirth, they may also have depression! Before giving birth, they were worried that their children would be deformed, afraid to watch TV, catch a cold, make phone calls, and so on. After the birth of their children, they had new worries — whether they could keep their original seats after returning to work, whether their children would have accidents, and how to properly educate them

Generally, a mother can completely adapt to the role change within a week and get rid of the shadow of postpartum depression. However, some mothers with serious “postpartum depression” will have a strong suicidal impulse. Before committing suicide, they often worry that others will not take good care of their children and will “kill” their children mercilessly! The murder of five children by a mother in the United States is the evil result of “postpartum depression”.

The doctor suggested that mothers with “postpartum depression” should learn to adjust themselves. People around them should not only be busy “eating and drinking” to replenish their bodies, but also care about their psychological state at all times.

In addition to the above three “heart diseases”, if you find yourself with the following symptoms, you should also be particularly careful – drug abuse: love to take drugs is also a disease

People are already lying in bed, and their hearts are still in the office, thinking about the clients to be contacted tomorrow and the outline of their speeches at the meeting. The alarm clock clearly shows 3 a.m. if you don’t go to the “meeting with Zhou Gong”, you will definitely yawn at the meeting tomorrow afternoon! In desperation, I pulled out my sleeping pills and swallowed one first to spend the evening. Once, twice, three times. I need a sleeping pill every night in the future. Otherwise, I can’t sleep!

Knowledge anxiety: a strong thirst for knowledge is also a disease

People’s absorption of information has multiplied, and the thinking mode of the human brain has not been adjusted to adapt to such absorption speed. At this time, the brain’s “income and expenditure” are extremely unbalanced, and the brain is forced to absorb excessive information, which will show a series of nervous and forced reactions. The symptoms of “knowledge anxiety disorder” are very similar to anxiety disorder – sudden nausea, vomiting, anxiety, neurasthenia, and mental fatigue. The interval of onset is not certain, and the time of each attack is not certain.

The treatment is easy – sleep more, play less, watch only two kinds of media reports every day, and receive less information. Knowledge anxiety can be cured without drugs.

Space phobia: fear of injections is also a disease

Miss a once went to the hospital to get an intravenous drip. She caught a glimpse of the nurse cutting the medicine bottle with a grinding wheel, breaking the bottle neck with a bang, drawing out the medicine with a syringe and injecting it into the drip bottle. As she watched, she worried that when the nurse broke the bottle neck, would broken glass fall into the bottle and flow into her blood vessels with the medicine?!

The more miss a thought about it, the more frightened she became. Before she finished the drip, she hurried home. Later, she simply dared not go to the hospital – as soon as she stepped on the threshold of the hospital, miss a began to feel nervous, palpitating, unable to breathe, and extremely insecure. If you have such a serious spatial phobia as miss a, you’d better go to the hospital for diagnosis and let the doctor help you with cognitive therapy.

Anorexia nervosa: I want to lose weight

At first, I only wanted to lose 2kg, but later I changed my goal to 5kg. Dieting, laxatives, and excessive exercise are all methods that can be used. We should try to train a set of ribs and ribs like a model in a short time. When the weight quickly drops below 80% of the normal index, and then you eat it freely occasionally, you will feel inexplicable guilt, so when you double down on laxatives, be alert to the approaching “anorexia nervosa”! Don’t underestimate it. Karen Carpenter, the famous singer in those years, died because of it!

Holiday syndrome: get sick during extended vacation

Mr. B wants to take advantage of his vacation to adjust himself and work harder when he comes back. As a result, people become lazier and lazier after a long holiday. Mingming has a lot of things to deal with on his desk, but he just sat in front of the screen saver for eight hours, without any interest in going to work. When I fell ill, I also wanted to rush into the boss’s office and hand in a resignation, “from now on, I came and went naked without concern”, and become a full-time holidaymaker!

According to the doctor, Mr. B’s “holiday syndrome” is “the wrong way to relax”! To ease the pressure, office workers have different methods – some like playing cards, some like traveling… No matter which method is used, the purpose is to “loosen the tight string in the head”. If things go too far, the “string” will be completely loosened at once, and adjustment will not work for two or three weeks, and you will be treated in the hospital. This kind of people should try to avoid taking long holidays in the future!?

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