Will ginger poisoning you at night

Will drinking lemonade make your skin black? Eating ginger at night is equal to eating arsenic? Drinking cold boiled water is suicide Some of these rumors, which have repeatedly appeared, have been smashed today.

you can’t drink lemonade during the day. Will your skin turn black after drinking it

Lemons are the favorite whitening artifact for women who love beauty, but recently we heard the saying that “you can’t drink lemonade during the day, and your skin will turn black after drinking it”. This really breaks our hearts. After drinking lemons for so long, they haven’t turned white. It turns out that they are all drunk during the day. It seems that in the future, lemonade should be drunk before going to bed. Turn off the light and go to sleep immediately after drinking it?

In fact, not only lemon, but also citrus, celery and so on contain an ingredient that may make you “beautiful and black”: Furanocoumarin. It is a photosensitive chemical that can strongly and rapidly absorb ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 320-380 nm. While the ingredients absorb ultraviolet rays, they also accumulate high energy in ultraviolet rays. This accumulation of heat will destroy our cells, cause cell death, and trigger the nightmare of beautiful girls — melanin deposition. In this way, you will naturally find that your skin is sunburned, blistered, and tanned.

How are you? Are you a little afraid? Don’t worry, you just need to remember one sentence: to talk about harm without dosage is to play rogue. Although there is Furanocoumarin in lemon, whether the content can reach the level of easily triggering photosensitive reaction is a question that needs to be considered. Some scientists have done small-scale experiments. If you want to trigger photosensitive reactions by eating lemons, you need to eat about 353 lemons a day. I think girls can’t eat this amount anyway!

Moreover, the content of vitamin C in lemon is not as high as you think. In fruit, it is not as high as Seabuckthorn and Rosa roxburghii, the “king of vitamin C”, nor as high as jujube, kiwifruit and strawberry; And vegetables are not even as good as fresh cabbage, and even less than broccoli. If you drink water soaked with dried lemon slices, I’m afraid the result will be even more disappointing. You should know that vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. During the drying process of lemon slices, vitamin C has been lost along with the evaporation of water. You can’t expect it to help you synthesize collagen or whiten.

Therefore, considering comprehensively, soaking fresh lemon slices in warm water or cold boiled water can supplement vitamin C, and you don’t have to worry that this half lemon will harm you. Of course, other delicious fresh fruits and vegetables are also excellent sources of vitamin C. why do you keep the sour lemon?

eating ginger at night is equal to eating arsenic

There was once a popular saying on the Internet that “ginger is better than ginseng soup in the morning and ginger is better than arsenic in the evening”. However, many people believed it. Since then, no matter what dishes are fried for dinner, they have been insulated from ginger. I think they have really failed to live up to these delicious dishes.

First of all, at present, there is no evidence in the nutrition and medical circles that eating ginger at night will cause significant health hazards, and there are no clinical reports that people have been found to die because of eating ginger at night. Secondly, according to the saying that “things that radiate Yang Qi can’t be eaten at night”, wouldn’t drinking alcohol at night (spicy and dispersing Yang Qi) have more serious consequences? You can’t eat chili, garlic, pepper, scallion, cinnamon and other spicy and warm foods for dinner? It seems that we must not take seriously the saying “eating ginger is better than arsenic in the evening”.

is drinking cold boiled water equal to suicide

Drinking cold boiled water is suicide? If this nonsense is true, will we, who have been drinking cold boiled water since childhood, and foreign friends who hardly drink hot water except tea and coffee, all doubt that we have nine lives like cats?

Modern medicine advocates that people drink a cup of warm boiled water in the morning, on the one hand, it helps to dilute blood and prevent chronic diseases; On the other hand, it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and improve defecation. A careful analysis of the rumors shows how untenable this argument is.

First of all, cold and white water ≠ ice water. If you drink a glass of ice water in the morning, it may indeed cause irritation to the intestines and stomachs of Chinese people who are not accustomed to ice water;

Secondly, there is the issue of dosage. To put it another way, even if you drink hot water instead of cold boiled water, if you drink ten or eight cups at a time, you may also cause uncomfortable symptoms;

Finally, any argument that wants to be convincing must have scientific basis. So far, scientists have not found any evidence that liangbaikai is a threat to human body, nor have any doctors reported that they have seen patients who died from drinking liangbaikai.

In the same words, as long as you drink fresh and sanitary cool boiled water, you can rest assured.

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