6 ways to whiten light spots? 6 ways to whiten light spots

It’s annoying to have spots on your face, especially hereditary spots. Although the development of modern technology allows us to remove them in many ways, such as surgery, professional cosmetics and so on. Of course, we will often hear some methods and tips to whiten and lighten spots, which can help us achieve the task of removing spots. Let’s introduce some ways to whiten and lighten freckles, and also recommend two freckle removing facial mask to you.

Method 1 for whitening and lightening spots: when washing your face, you can add one to two tablespoons of vinegar to the water, which can reduce the pigmentation.

Method 2 for whitening light spots: crush the bright radish and squeeze the juice, take 10 to 30 ml, apply it after washing your face every night, and then rinse it after drying. In addition, drinking a cup of carrots every day can also whiten the skin.

Method 3 of whitening and lightening spots: take one tablet of vitamin C and vitamin E every day, which has a certain effect of removing and lightening spots.

Method 4 of whitening and lightening spots: stir lemon juice and add sugar water to drink. Because lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Regular drinking of lemon juice can not only whiten the skin, but also precipitate melanin to remove and lighten spots.

Method 5 for whitening and lightening spots: apply clean eggplant skin to your face, and after a period of time, small spots will become less obvious.

Method 6 of whitening and lightening spots: drinking a cup of tomato juice or common tomatoes every day also has a good effect on preventing freckling. Because tomatoes are rich in glutathione, which can inhibit melanin, so that the calm pigment decreases or disappears.

How to remove spots in TCM

Drug therapy:

Wubai Xiaoban ointment: 6 grams of Bletilla striata, white aconite and Angelica dahurica, 4.5 grams of Cayratia japonica and white clove, and 3 grams of mituoseng. Apply medicine to grind fine powder, put a little powder of medicine into egg white to make a thin paste each time, bathe your face with warm water before going to bed at night, then apply this cream to the spots, wash it in the morning, and mainly treat facial color spots.

Tuiban Decoction: 12 grams of raw land, cooked land and angelica, 9 grams of bupleurum, Cyperus, Poria cocos, chuanxiong, white stiff silkworm, Atractylodes macrocephala and Angelica dahurica, 15 grams of white moss skin, 6 grams of white aconite and licorice. Take it in water, one dose a day, or take it as a water pill, 6G each time, three times a day, which has a good effect on treating melasma.

Shicao washing formula: 30g of Shicao, 10g of madder and Angelica dahurica, 15g of red peony, Sumu, safflower, Magnolia officinalis, loofah and Mutong. Add 2000-2500 ml of water, boil for 15-20 minutes, wash and wet compress. It has a good effect on liver spots, toxic melanoderma and secondary facial pigmentation.

Huaban Tongluo Decoction: 12 grams of Danpi, chuanxiong, peach kernel, safflower, white stiff silkworm, Angelica dahurica and turmeric, 15 grams of red peony and Tribulus terrestris, and 6 grams of Bupleurum. Take it in water, one dose a day, generally more than 20 doses, and it will take effect.

Auricular acupuncture: take liver, kidney, lung, endocrine, subcortical, sympathetic, Shenmen and cheek points; Body deficiency plus spleen and stomach. Alternate treatment of two ears. After finding out the sensitive points of the above points, stick the seeds of wangbuliuxing, fix them with adhesive tape, once every other day, 10 times as a course of treatment.

Diet therapy for long spots on the face

Loofah collaterals are commonly used in southern China to treat pigmented skin diseases such as liver spots or sweat spots. Use loofah complex with 10 grams of stiff silkworm, white Poria cocos, 20 grams of mother of pearl, 3 roses and 10 red dates to form Xiaoban dietotherapy soup, one dose per day, generally 10 days. In terms of diet, we should eat less salted fish, bacon, ham, sausage, shrimp skin, shrimp and other salted, cured, smoked and fried foods, less pungent foods such as scallions, ginger and peppers, and more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as wax gourd, loofah, tomato, potato, cabbage, cauliflower, fresh jujube, hawthorn, orange, lemon, bean products and animal liver, These foods have a certain auxiliary effect on eliminating chloasma.

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