Light powder whitening strategy: large exposure light powder whitening method: large exposure


Before applying makeup, you should first apply some moisturizing cream or pre makeup base products, which will make the foundation make-up more comfortable. The amount of foundation make-up is also relatively small, and the makeup effect can be naturally transparent without too much.

Even for powder, you don’t have to apply makeup with powder puffs or sponges. Brush powder with a brush, and then evenly sweep it on your face. The makeup effect will be much lighter than that of a powder puff or a sponge.

This year’s popular base makeup is thinner than in previous years. The makeup artist suggests that you choose a foundation make-up with a little Pearl component, which feels low-key but still glows.

The shiny feeling that powder can’t show can be created by cream foundation make-up. Makeup artists think that everyone should have two kinds of base makeup with different texture. When the two are used together, they can shape the three-dimensional contour of the face.

In the fashion of naked makeup, any color of eye shadow seems to be slightly abrupt. It is recommended that you only strengthen the eyeliner part, and the overall makeup feeling will be more moving.


Don’t beat the foundation make-up too thick just because you want to concealer. The result of trying to cover up is to make the defects more obvious. Use additional Concealer in some areas and keep it light in other areas.

Too bright foundation makeup is out of date. This season, you don’t need to

Don’t think that the whiter foundation make-up you apply, the whiter you will look, which will only cause unnatural color difference in your face and body. When choosing whitening foundation make-up, we should make the product play the whitening effect step by step according to the skin color.

When shopping for foundation make-up with whitening ingredients, you must consult the lady at the counter in particular. Don’t accept everything just because you want to whiten. You should measure whether the ingredients of the product are suitable for your skin. The makeup artist suggests that you use trial products first to test whether your skin is acceptable.

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