Can turning hula hoops train abdominal muscles

can you practice abdominal muscles by turning hula hoops?

Turning hula hoop can not train abdominal muscles, but to exercise abdominal muscles, you need to train abdominal muscles to make abdominal fibers thicker. However, the labor intensity of turning hula hoop is very small, mainly relying on waist strength, which fully exercises waist muscles, abdominal muscles, lateral waist muscles and other parts. Its role is to tighten the waist and abdomen, but not exercise abdominal muscle fibers. Therefore, abdominal muscles can not be trained.

But turning hula hoops can thin your waist. Hula hoop is an aerobic exercise that can exercise the whole body. When the human body rotates the hula hoop, it is mainly the waist that exerts. When the hula hoop reaches the aerobic exercise stage, it can fully exercise the fat and muscles of the waist and abdomen to achieve the effect of slimming the waist. However, the time of each hula hoop rotation should be maintained for at least 30 minutes, not less than 3 times a week.

What are the benefits of hula hooping?

1. People who lose weight and turn hula hoops know that hula hoops have a certain weight. If you want to play hula hoops, you must have enough strength, which will inevitably consume body energy. In fact, there is consumption of abdominal fat. After several months of hula hoop exercise, waist and abdominal fat will be reduced.

2. Prevention of constipation when turning a hula hoop, it is actually a process of massaging the abdomen. The pressure exerted by the hula hoop on the abdomen will promote intestinal peristalsis. The speed of intestinal peristalsis of people who often turn a hula hoop will also be faster than that of ordinary people, which is conducive to the intestinal tract to promote the movement and discharge of stool and prevent constipation.

3. Exercise waist muscles when turning hula hoops, it mainly depends on the relaxation and contraction of abdominal muscles and back muscles. At this time, this part of muscles can be well exercised, which is very good for preventing cervical and lumbar diseases.

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