Such a woman will never change her heart when a man dies

It is human nature to love the new and hate the old. Society is moving forward day by day. How can a woman not be eliminated by the times and make her husband not change his heart?

Article 1: we should strengthen our quality, strengthen our cultural cultivation, and keep up with the pace of the times

Thus keeping up with your husband or boyfriend. In modern society, men’s values and family views have changed a lot. A silly, obedient, and open-minded girl can’t hold a strong man’s heart. From ancient times to the present. I haven’t heard of any famous dignified and elegant ladies who can get the special favor of men. Baosi, Cixi, Daji, Wu Meiniang, Li Shishi, Su Xiaoxiao and Sai Jinhua, who make men want to be immortal and die, are all smart and witty, proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and talented.

Many public opinion polls have found that what men like and need more is smart, trendy and intelligent partners. In modern society, taking care of children to cook and wash clothes is no longer a wife’s job, but has long been replaced by nannies, kindergartens, high-end restaurants and restaurants.

Second: be fully confident

Men like confident women. Self confidence can make a plain face shine. Cultivate and protect your charm. Charm does not come from your face. I am against using a knife or a gun in your face. I think I’ll never have cosmetic surgery. Nature and truth are the most beautiful. We just try to protect ourselves carefully. Slow aging can be achieved. My sister called me from France and told me that she wanted to have a facelift. I immediately told her categorically: “if you go to have a facelift, I won’t like you anymore. I like the way you look. Your face is not important at all.”

Article 3: don’t lose yourself in love

Women in this category are most likely to be abandoned by men. They pay the most and lose the most. If you give everything you have as a gift to the other party, the other party will think it is too easy to get it and put it aside without pity. Many of my male friends are divorced or have a third party because of bad feelings. And their wives were not at fault. I asked them why? They said they didn’t know. After thinking for a long time, he replied to me: maybe I didn’t chase him!

Article 4: give the other party some freedom and enough space

It’s very important for a couple to keep a certain distance. If you suffocate a man, he will hate you. Keep the other person fresh about you. If he soaks with you all day long, he will feel boring one day. Let him do his own thing. It’s enough to be with you eight hours away or at night.

Article 5: remember that marriage is only an obligation, not a right

Never hurt a man’s self-esteem, always give him face! Many women regard men as their private property after marriage. I’m always ready to throw my face at the table. If I fall off the bench, I’ll be angry and silent. Leaving in front of others, and so on. Seriously, they often make noise. They discipline their husbands in public completely without the gentleness of women, and they are bossy. The politeness and gentleness when we first fell in love disappeared. It has exposed its true colors. You should know that a man married you rather than sold him to you. Why should he be angry with others? All people want face, especially men. If you don’t give him face in public once. After that, even if you are willing to cook for him for a year, you can’t make up for it. Even if you come home and argue with him again, it’s better than quarreling in front of people. However, it’s better not to quarrel, especially not to quarrel about trivial matters. Some things go so far as to be ignored.

Article 6: adapt to each other, don’t try to change each other

Remember not to nag. Don’t be a tattletale. Remember that no one is perfect. Rules that are not perfect in themselves, seeking common ground while reserving minor differences, can change the nagging women’s disease that annoys all men.

Article 7: anyone who leaves can live. Don’t hang from a tree

You and your husband never knew each other, but they became husband and wife by accident. The so-called “natural couple” is only an adjective. No couple in the world is born. If they are combined, they will be together. If they are not, they will be separated. It’s nothing special. Without carrots, they can still form a banquet. The sky won’t fall. The world will not end. Don’t pin your hopes on others. Don’t hand over the reins of fate to others. Take control of your own destiny. In this way, we will not be at a loss in the time of change. be pessimistic and worldweary. It’s a mess.

Article 8: if you still want to lose him after all your efforts, don’t want him

There is such a kind of man in the world (including women of course), who is naturally fickle. Playing with the opposite sex to satisfy his private desires, such a person does not deserve a family at all. If you have the misfortune to meet such a person, it is your bad luck. When you think you are unlucky, you should abandon all your illusions about him, leave him and start looking for your new life again. Don’t wait for him to change his mind foolishly. And I wasted your beautiful years for him. In this world, you should take care of yourself first. If you don’t take care of yourself, then I have to tell you. No one will take care of you. Don’t care too much about the difference in age. You don’t have to find a man better than you. It’s better for two people to have a heart to heart relationship than anything else.

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