Loss of hair and dry mouth skin are the lack of nutrients in the body

In daily life, our bodies inevitably have some small symptoms, such as stomachache, oral ulcer, nosebleeds, etc. in addition to being related to diet and living habits, they are also some signals sent by our bodies, indicating that our bodies lack certain nutrients.

close relationship between nutrients and body

All substances that can maintain human health and provide growth, development and labor are called nutrients. After taking in nutrients, we can maintain the dynamic balance of energy, nutrients, water and salt, and maintain the stability of the internal environment, such as nervous system regulation, enzyme regulation, hormone regulation, etc.

Therefore, once a certain essential element is lacking, the body signal will come. For example, the following common diseases should be compared quickly to see what they lack~

body signals of nutrient deficiency

dry lips: lack of vitamin B2

You are seriously lack of vitamin B2, because your lips are always dry and cracked, and you bleed when you sip your mouth, whether in spring, autumn, winter or summer.

This also solved the problem of “isn’t it only in winter that lips crack?” It has nothing to do with the season. It only means that you have been lacking in vitamin B2, which can help repair tissue wounds.

Nutrition countermeasures: drinking 250 ml of milk every day can help supplement. Plant foods, such as mushrooms, fungus, peanuts, sesame seeds, almonds, etc., are also rich in vitamin B2; Vegetarians should supplement nutrients from dairy products such as eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese or ghee.

irritable and irritable: lack of iron

If next time someone asks you why you are so grumpy? You can answer “I am short of iron recently”. Because iron is an important element to help the body produce red blood cells, iron is more important for women who experience blood loss every month. Otherwise, it is easy to have symptoms such as poor spirit, low mood and depression.

Nutrition countermeasures: experts suggest that men should take 8.7 mg of iron, and women should take 14.8 mg of iron. Red meat, eggs, nuts and dark green vegetables are all foods rich in iron. At the same time, supplement vitamin C to promote the absorption and utilization of iron.

taste loss: lack of zinc

For the time being, you haven’t experienced taste loss, because you eat light. Therefore, if you suddenly find that you don’t taste anything and have symptoms such as slow healing of wounds, you should be careful. It may be a sign of lack of zinc in your body.

Nutrition countermeasures: it is an effective way to supplement trace element zinc by increasing shellfish, such as oysters and scallops. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that one egg, three liang of red meat and one liang of beans are added every day.

rash, hair loss : vitamin B7 deficiency

There is a scaly erythematous rash on your face, and your hair is always easy to fall off, and it falls off very much. Please note that you may lack vitamin B7.

Nutritional countermeasures: vitamin B7 is water-soluble and easy to be lost. It needs to be taken from the diet every day. It is recommended not to eat raw eggs, but to eat more salmon, avocado, mushrooms, cauliflower, soybeans, nuts, bananas and other foods.

frequent nosebleeds: lack of vitamin K

Frequent nosebleed is also a headache. It may be that the vitamin K in the body is too deficient, which leads to coagulation disorders and bleeding symptoms.

Nutritional countermeasures: the source of vitamins in green vegetables is calculated as per 100g. Chinese cabbage contains 10 micrograms of vitamin K10 (10-20 times that of melons and fruits); Green cauliflower contains 160 micrograms, leek contains 180 micrograms, spinach contains 210 micrograms, and chrysanthemum contains 250 micrograms, which tells us that eating more green leafy vegetables is really only good!

systemic pain: lack of vitamin d

Vitamin D is a nutrient that the human body cannot synthesize on its own. It is also an important substance to promote bone growth and healthy teeth, so as to improve the balance ability of the body, increase muscle strength and reduce the risk of falls.

Therefore, the middle-aged and old people must be careful about the lack of vitamin D, which is closely related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney disease and other chronic diseases.

nutrition countermeasures: you can eat more vitamin D-rich foods such as animal liver, egg yolk, marine fish, mushrooms, and drinks such as milk and soy milk with vitamin D added; At the same time, don’t forget to get vitamin D from the sun, so get more sun properly.

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