Those methods of manual freckle removal are more reliable

In addition to banana freckle removal, there are still many freckle removal facial mask and food that you can DIY. The following describes freckle removal Facial Mask DIY and food one by one. Save money and get results! Be sure to pay attention to the operation steps, otherwise there will be no effect! This is the beginning of the anti spot war!

1。 Banana + milk

Paste the bananas

Make the banana paste, then pour in the whole milk, and add a small amount of water. The ratio of these things is about 2:5:1, then put them on your face, then gently pat your face, and finally don’t do anything. Wash it off after 20 minutes, and the whitened skin will be moist, shiny and beautiful.

2。 Tomato juice + honey

Remove facial pigment spots: mix fresh tomato juice and honey in a ratio of 5:1, apply to the face, wash after 10 minutes, and use for 10-15 days. It can decompose melanin, remove spots and protect skin, and make the skin white and ruddy.

3。 Tomato + glycerin

Grind half of Western tomatoes into a paste, add two drops of glycerin, put them in the refrigerator, and apply them to your face once a day. Western tomatoes have a good whitening and freckle removing effect. Not only external application, but also drinking tomato juice can also make your skin healthy, white and tender. Freckles will naturally fade after a period of persistence.

4。 lemon

Stir lemon juice and add rock sugar to drink. In addition, it also contains a variety of elements. Drinking lemon juice often can not only whiten and tender skin, prevent skin vascular aging, eliminate facial pigment spots, but also prevent arteriosclerosis. If JMS is afraid of trouble, you can try xuanyuyan Eve whitening and freckle removing product, and the effect is very good.

5。 Peach kernel + Almond + Aloe

100g fresh aloe juice, 50g peach kernel and 50g bitter almond. Grind peach kernel and bitter almond into powder (you can also buy powder directly); Add the fresh aloe juice squeezed in advance; Mix aloe juice and powder well; After cleaning the facial skin, apply an appropriate amount of facial mask and wash it off in about 10-15 minutes. Do it 2-3 times a week, and after a period of time, you can get rid of freckles.

6。 Wax gourd freckle removing

Peel and mash the wax gourd seeds, apply for about 20 minutes and wash them. Effect: clean skin, remove dirt in pores, fade color spots, and effectively improve dull complexion.

7。 Vinegar egg whitening facial mask facial mask

Choose an egg, soak it in white vinegar for a week, take it out when the egg is transparent and big, prick the egg with a needle, and pour the egg white into the prepared bottle. Usage: after washing your face every night, put egg white on your face and wash it off when it is dry.

8。 Fresh Carrot Juice

Crush the fresh carrots and squeeze the juice. Take 10ml-30ml. After washing your face in the morning and evening, pat your face with fresh juice. After drying, pat your face with your hand coated with vegetable oil. In addition, drinking 1 cup of carrot juice every day also has the effect of removing spots. Because carrots are rich in carotene, carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A can smooth and strengthen the skin, and prevent rough skin and freckles.

9。 Tomato Juice

Drinking 1 cup of tomato juice every day or eating tomatoes often has a good effect on preventing and treating freckles. Because tomatoes are rich in glutathione. Glutathione can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thereby reducing or disappearing the pigmentation.

Which of the nine methods do you like? Which of the 9 freckle removal methods can you do! perseverance prevails. It can not be achieved overnight. They all need long-term persistence. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Are beauties ready for the freckle fight? come on!

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