Ol women beware of stress addiction, which leads to sub-health

Busy as hell, as the marketing director of a company, there is always a work plan attached to her desk partition. She listed the tasks to be handled in three days in a very clear and detailed manner. She will rewrite one every day to supplement the plans she can think of for the next few days.

Even if she worked late, she would finish the plan under the covers. Xiao Shu is the middle-level person who likes to visit the company most. She will go to inquire about the work of other departments from time to time, and she is eager to do the work of other departments by herself.

Xiaoshu will call all the customers who are considering cooperation with her every morning when she goes to work. Even if she has already talked with all the customers before work the day before, even if some of them are not important at all. If a friend calls, she will always say, “I’m so busy. I’ll call you back.” After that, she often forgot to call her friends.

On weekends, Xiaoshu will leave some time for her friends. When asked why Xiaoshu always doesn’t answer her phone, Xiaoshu still has the old saying: “I’m so busy.” After a few words, Xiao Shu tie will definitely bring the topic to work and ask her friend if she can introduce some customers to her. The chat will break up in Shu Na’s “working chat”.

When she reached the marriage age, others also introduced her to many people, but Xiaoshu pushed her off under the excuse of being busy. Her mother pressed her so hard that Xiaoshu had no choice but to meet one, and the place was actually her own office! In the eyes of others, Xiao Shu is an absolute elite figure, but Xiao Shu often feels involuntarily, “I don’t want to do this, but I just can’t stop!”

The situation like Xiaoshu is a typical symptom of “stress addiction”. In the post industrial era, social competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the feeling of uneasiness is becoming more and more intense. Everyone is eager to be needed, recognized, and safe. Women who shoulder the two heavy responsibilities of work and life are particularly obvious, which also leads to dependence on pressure. So. Their schedules are getting fuller and fuller, and they have more and more work to do. They get a kind of comfort from it.

How to solve the trouble of pressure dependence? Psychological experts believe that, in fact, with certain methods, it is not particularly difficult to solve stress addiction. First, have a clear understanding of the state of stress addiction. Don’t think that pressure only comes from the outside world, and pressure often comes from the inside. When you realize that you are addicted to pressure, you may as well stop your work immediately, give yourself a few minutes, and recite “I don’t do it, see what I can do” several times in your heart. You will find that the situation is not as bad as you imagine. Even if you stop, the world around you still works.

Second, distinguish the priorities of problems. Great pressure comes from some people who bring some distant or minor things to the front of their eyes. Compared with the following weekend outings, we need tents. Do we have to go to the supermarket to buy them today?

Third, don’t be a perfectionist. When faced with problems, we should consider the significance of this matter before doing it. Fourth, don’t treat indulgence as relaxation. When women are under great pressure, they always like to vent their dissatisfaction and tension to unlimited shopping. It is not enough to take excessive shopping as a way to relieve stress. A temporary pleasure may bring you a month’s guilt. The same can be proved. It is also undesirable to resort to appetite for pressure.

Fifth, divert attention. Every day, set aside a small time for yourself to chat, listen to music or exercise. These are all good ways to relieve stress. But women often think of it at the end. Many women think that it is better to wash more clothes than to spend time on them, because the latter seems to better reflect their virtue and gentleness. But you should understand that the happiness you pass on to your family in a relaxed state can not be compared with a clean dress.

Sixth, don’t think that stress addiction is an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It has similarities with obsessive-compulsive disorder, but their causes are different. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is mostly related to the experience of patients in their early years, and it is a mental disease; Stress addiction is not. Don’t think you have OCD, it will only increase the psychological burden.

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