See through the 4 relationships between men and women

Generally speaking, there are four relationships between men and women: lovers, lovers, sexual partners, and red (blue) confidants. “Dew” love, such as pure one night lovers, belongs to the category of “fast food” and does not belong to the scope discussed here.

the first: lovers

It goes without saying that lovers love each other, love each other, love each other, in order to step on the end of the red carpet and build a small nest of love. That is the most beautiful relationship between a man and a woman that we all admire and yearn for. The remaining three relationships are extremely easy for many people to confuse. Especially in adult websites, countless men and women interact in the world of love and desire. Although there are so-called rules of the game, they are all carried out in confusion. Many people confuse the differences among the three, which causes many unnecessary troubles.

type 2: Lover

Lover is the most common relationship between men and women in the adult world. Whether it is a relationship between lovers inside or outside marriage, it should be based on mutual joy.

The biggest difference between lover relationship and lover relationship is that lover relationship is not based on future marriage.

Because there should be love between lovers absolutely, no matter whether it is as long-lasting as lovers, the jealousy and love between lovers are as fascinating as those between lovers. And because the relationship between lovers can not be exposed, the stimulation of cheating will make the relationship between lovers more passionate than normal love.

Acacia is the “best” of male female relations in the adult world.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In fact, lovers do not love each other. Most of them love the feeling of love and the dream of love.

Although lovers do not require absolute loyalty, love is absolutely exclusive. As the saying goes, “don’t rub sand in the eyes of the beholder”, any expression of warmth between lovers, whether to the original spouse or other heterosexuals, will certainly destroy that “feeling of love” and will inevitably hurt the other. Although some people will use the so-called rules of the game to control themselves, it is only drinking poison to quench thirst, which will always cause the collapse of the final lover relationship.

There are two kinds of collapse:

One is to try to get married and claim fame, which is also the beginning of various family tragedies.

Second, the relationship between lovers breaks down and the injured party leaves.

No matter what, it will cause great pain to both sides, and maybe it will be alleviated when there is a new emotional sustenance.

How enchanting love is, how hurtful it is.

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