What is the difference between chloasma and freckles? What are the differences between chloasma and freckles

What are the differences between chloasma and freckles? Many beauty seekers find that they have some spots on their faces, but they can’t tell whether they are chloasma or freckles. The prescription under the symptom can solve the problem of spots, so distinguishing the difference between the two can help beauty seekers to remove spots better. What are the differences between chloasma and freckles?

Difference between chloasma and freckles:

Chloasma and freckles are two completely different skin diseases, and their etiological principles are different. Freckles usually occur on the face, cheeks and bridge of the nose. They appear as spots, and in serious cases, they will spread to the neck. There are two sources of this skin disease, one is caused by congenital genetic factors, and the other is caused by acquired environmental and physical factors. According to the current proportion of the number of patients, congenital diseases account for the majority.

The formation of melasma is mainly caused by the uneven pigment, which is an acquired disease. The formation principle is due to the increase of localized pigment. It also has a common name, called butterfly spot. It mainly occurs on the face and some parts around it, which has a great impact on the beauty of the face.

How to remove freckles

1. Calendula wiping face

Mash Calendula to extract juice, then evenly rub it on your face, wash it off after 15 minutes, and use it for a long time to effectively remove freckles.

2. Carrot juice

Squeeze carrot juice. After cleaning your face in the morning and evening, pat it on your face with carrot juice. Long term use can effectively remove freckles. In addition, drinking a cup of carrot juice every day can also effectively remove freckles.

3. Apple on the face

Peel and mash the apple, then apply it on your face, wash it with warm water after 15 minutes, and use it every other day to effectively remove facial freckles.

Removal of chloasma

1. Strengthen sunscreen

Doing a good job in sunscreen can effectively dilute chloasma. No matter outdoors or indoors, you should apply sunscreen and isolation cream. Computer radiation and lighting will also aggravate chloasma. All round protection must be done well.

2. Good living habits

Chloasma is also related to endocrine. Developing good living habits, adjusting endocrine balance, not staying up late and maintaining a happy mood can effectively lighten chloasma.

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