Ten signals that he wants to marry you

According to the report of American professional men’s website “hundred questions man”, there are indeed the following 10 signals worth men’s attention.

1. You know she is the most special person.

The nine features mentioned earlier are not as important as this. The previous love was just a learning process, and those girls who left were just passers-by. Their appearance was to let you wait for the doomed lover in front of you. All her excellent qualities and the beautiful feelings she gives you prove one point: that is, there has never been and will never be another girl who can move you like her.

2. Make many long-term plans, and each has her

If you have started or are willing to discuss issues such as house purchase, childbirth and pension with your lover, it means that you are not far from getting married.

3. Fantasize about having a love crystal with her

4. Save expenses unconsciously

You no longer buy some non necessities, spend every penny carefully, and even start to plan the details of the wedding.

5. Begin to look forward to life after marriage

Do you feel warm when you think that there will be a person smiling at you every morning when you wake up?

6. Start thinking about what ring is best for her.

Shopping in jewelry stores is something that many men hate, but you enjoy it and carefully compare the styles of each ring.

7. Treat her family as her own.

Inadvertently, you find yourself very concerned about her family, calling regularly to greet them, and caring about their food, clothing, housing and transportation.

8. Obsessed with her quirks

In the face of the person you want to grow old with, you will connive at all her habits. Even if she teases you mischievously or makes fun of you, you don’t think so.

9. I strongly want to spend my life with a woman.

Wherever you are, I always hope she can accompany you. In other words, you can’t imagine what life would be like without her.

10. Frequently want to settle down

Suddenly you find that single life is very boring. The parties and football matches you used to love to attend are no longer attractive to you. Every night when you go back to your residence, you see an empty room and hear your own breathing. It makes you feel uneasy and eager to escape. I hope someone will be waiting for you at home.

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