If you want to lose weight successfully, you must develop good eating habits!

Eating too much breakfast is not good for losing weight. What kind of morning and evening meal habits should we develop? Let’s follow Xiaobian to have a look!

morning habits:

1. Take a sip of boiled water after you get up.

The first thing to do after getting up is to drink a cup of warm boiled water. Some people like to drink a cup of frozen juice or a cup of coffee in the morning, but cold food and food containing caffeine are easy to stimulate the intestines and stomach, so they should avoid eating them in the morning. Drinking water is not to drink it in one breath, but to drink it slowly in small mouthfuls, so that the water gradually transits in the body.

2. Eat some fruit and supplement with appropriate sugar and vitamins

Eating fruit for breakfast is a very recommended thing. “Eating a little fruit in the morning can provide the body with sugar, minerals and vitamins that can be easily absorbed and converted into energy, as well as replenish water. The enzymes and dietary fiber contained in fruit can also help defecate, provide benefits to the body’s metabolism, and also help to lose weight.”

3. Cold drinks or yogurt that can cause cold body it is better to drink less

“If you want to lose weight successfully, the first thing to do is to eat less cold drinks, because a higher body temperature is more conducive to fat burning, and body cold often leads to fat accumulation.” Ida said that it is easy to get cold when you first get up in the morning, so try not to eat cold food. Even if you want to drink yogurt, you can drink it in the afternoon or at night.

4. Eating too much breakfast is the enemy of losing weight.

Having a good breakfast in the morning is everyone’s common understanding of health, but how much to eat for breakfast depends on one’s constitution and the state at that time. “Eating too much food in breakfast can easily expand the stomach, and it is easy to overeat in a hungry state, leading to unsuccessful weight loss.” Therefore, as long as you eat a little in moderation for breakfast, you won’t feel hungry until noon.

night habits:

1. Eat warm food at night to help fat metabolism

When people sleep at night, fat will continue to burn, and higher body temperature will help to burn fat. Therefore, if people want to eat late, they should choose low calorie and warm food, such as a bowl of warm vegetable porridge or a bowl of warm vegetable soup. Not only can they supplement some vitamins and minerals, but warm food can also achieve the effect of relaxing people.

2. Use high-quality protein to add nutrition to muscles

Red meat, fish meat, soybean food and so on are all sources of high-quality protein, which can make cell repair more smooth during sleep. “If you want to promote fat metabolism, you can eat more fat rich in omega-3 fatty acids, so that you can lose weight more easily.”

3. Don’t drink too many zero calorie drinks.

“If you want to lose weight, you should choose zero calorie drinks…” many people have this idea, but in fact, even if you don’t add any sugar to zero calorie drinks, food additives will add unnecessary burden to the body. It’s harmless to drink once or twice every now and then, but you must not think that zero calorie drinks can be drunk freely.

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