What a woman wants to say to a man

1: a wife hurts when he marries her. A cultured man will never beat his wife

If you really love her, you must respect her and not do it casually. If you don’t love her anymore, then feel your conscience: can I make her happy? If the answer is no, let her go and let her find someone who can really be good to her. Let’s not make any more mistakes and let her be free!

2: you can’t treat her coldly for three days.

Women are sensitive and suspicious. She will think a lot of things in a negative direction. In fact, a dragonfly kiss before going out and a hug when you open the door at home will make your women feel very moved when they think about it later. It is not difficult for men to do these, is it not? Remember to tell her to share when you are sad. When she is sad, hold her hand and pass the temperature of her palm to her.

III: don’t show your face to your women. A man who makes a temper with women is very hateful

Your business is bright and clean, she is busy at home, and her busy housework has made her angry. You should know that it is because of what she has done behind your back that you can have no worries. Imagine a man coming home after work and saying, “wife, you’ve been busy all day. You’ve worked hard!”! The woman smiled and said: it’s nothing. You’re working hard! What a harmonious picture it is.

IV: men are more important than jobs and positions, and women are more important than men and children

Therefore, in front of her girlfriend, you must show your love and affection for her, so that she can feel that she is a princess and has the complete love that will make all women jealous. If she is a reasonable woman, she will certainly give you face in front of your friends and let you be an indomitable man in front of your friends.

V: just as men like to see beautiful women, women also like to see handsome men

You can be jealous and angry, but a woman who really loves you actually has a more pure mood when she sees a handsome man than when a man sees a beautiful woman. She just sighs when she sees some beautiful things, just like seeing a beautiful picture. Unlike men, she has more fantasies.

VI: men must remember that their own women must not be compared with other women

Don’t always say how nice other people’s wives are. Don’t scold her for not being beautiful. It’s your blessing that she can marry you. It’s really wrong of you to say so. For most women, it is more useful to hear her favorite say that she is good than all the people say that she is good. Besides, do you love her and have the heart to hurt her?

VII: women like male chauvinism, which makes them feel safe

But women can’t resist the gentleness of men. If women’s gentleness is a sharp weapon against men, then men’s inadvertent gentleness is definitely a nuclear weapon for women. But women also have their own nature, that is, the natural maternal complex. She will occasionally spoil you as her own child, but you must remember not to be too late.

VIII: family is always the first

Although men should be responsible for their work, they should also have professional ethics and enjoy their work. But don’t be slaves to work. We work to be happier with our families. It’s important to enjoy life. Remember to enjoy family life with your wife and children from time to time.

9: A lover’s parents are his own parents. He likes his family and loves his family.

As long as I really feel that this is my own parents in my heart, and I have a close attachment to the elderly psychologically, the elderly will feel this sincerity. What’s more, people look like children when they grow old. Just coax the old people to be happy like children. We also have an old day. We should do a good job in the mirror of the younger generation, so that they know how to respect the elderly.

10: when two people get along, they must be honest, trust, tolerant and understanding

You can’t hide everything, but you can also tell white lies when you have to, and you can grasp the scale yourself. Look at one thing from the other side’s point of view, think about her situation, and feel her difficulties. Remember: you are her favorite person. You should understand her, support her, and be tolerant when she makes mistakes.

Xi: I don’t want to destroy our friendship

Most of love comes from friendship. Now women chasing men has become a fashion. After all, it is easier for women to succeed if they take the initiative. When you tell him one day that you want your feelings to exceed friendship, he may have a reserved look and say, “I don’t want to destroy our friendship”, so don’t have any hope.

XII: don’t hurt me

Please remember, if a man is sorry for you, please break up with him resolutely. You also have to remember, never lose your temper, and break up gently. If you lose your temper, the reason for your breaking up will be based on personality incompatibility. If you break up gently, you are just out of luck and regret in the world. Honey, give men more regrets. Regret has always been a sad and beautiful scenery in men’s hearts. Most men don’t know how to cherish. They believe that what they can’t get is the most beautiful, and what they lose is always poetic. Letting him lose you is psychologically superior to letting you lose him.

XIII: when a woman is working hard, a man should not think that she is neglecting her family

As the saying goes, “people in the Jianghu can’t help themselves.”. Promotion and salary increase definitely require great efforts. The company’s benefits are good, its business is busy, and there will naturally be more entertainment. In women’s minds, work and career are also the most important link, which is also an important way for them to build their personal image and value, not just to make a living. The wife hopes that the husband will understand his excessive devotion to his work, instead of complaining that he snubbed himself because of his work or work-related entertainment.

14: willing to spend money for his wife, hoping that his wife’s opinions will be taken seriously

For men, money is not only a symbol of stability and prosperity, but also a symbol of power. It’s only natural that you spend money for your wife. However, when spending a lot of money on expensive things, men think it should be decided by two people. Therefore, when buying more expensive items, most husbands hope that their wives can consult with him in advance and respect his opinions.

XV: don’t stop yourself from dealing with “evil friends” before marriage

Almost all women like to continue their contacts with their friends before marriage after marriage. The wife does not want her husband to restrict his contacts with same-sex friends too much. In particular, women who are more loyal have a wide range of contacts and friends from all walks of life. A married woman needs friends in addition to her husband.

XVI: we are actually very tired, OK

Before marriage, you said that although I was not very beautiful, I loved cleanliness and dressing up; After I got married, you said I looked like a yellow faced woman, didn’t pay attention to self-improvement, and looked like a sloppy mother-in-law. But you know, it’s easy for me to take care of all the housework and children by myself? How much time do I have to dress up? Am I feeling better? Do I want to?

seventeen: nobody is with you! Let me accompany you

You can use this phrase on special days such as Valentine’s day, Christmas or his birthday. It’s OK to speak seriously, and it’s OK to use a joking tone. Maybe it will be successful this time.

XVIII: I’m especially happy to see you

This is a famous courtship saying that will make people happy. Suitable time for use: in addition to speaking out to him sincerely when he really laughs, it may be especially effective when he accidentally laughs at a little grievance. Because this is a way to show love that makes people “feel”.

Nineteen: if the bone is in the throat

A woman likes to say half a word to the man she likes, but she also wants to say the whole thing. However, a woman’s reserve makes what she wants to say become as bone in her throat. At this time, a woman probably misses you, or wants you to go to her side to give her a sense of security.

twenty: no matter what happens, I will be by your side

The best time to perform is when he is helpless, defying public opinion, and worried about the outcome. You can firmly tell him that I will be around you. As for the attitude, it can be gentle and straightforward. The key is to make him feel that he is not alone and that you will always be with him.

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