Is it reliable for whitening needles to turn white quickly? Is it reliable for whitening needles to turn white quickly

Before we know whether the whitening needle is reliable, let’s first popularize why our skin turns black.

Why do people turn black? The ability of human body to produce and metabolize melanin is in a certain balance, which maintains the relative stability of human skin color. Once melanin increases, it will turn black.

1. Sun exposure

Regular exposure to the sun will activate the melanin cells in our body and accelerate the synthesis of melanin. Therefore, this is why we have always stressed that we should do a good job in sunscreen in summer.

2. Metabolic disorder

Bad living habits will also increase melanin.

3. Aging

With the increase of age, the ability of melanolytic enzymes decreases, and it is easier to form color spots.

Is the whitening needle reliable?

The whitening needle, scientific name of which is “whitening anti oxygen injection”, is abbreviated to VSC. The whitening needle is loved and respected by female stars in the entertainment industry because of its remarkable efficacy, and is known as the “whitening angel”. Is the whitening needle really as effective as everyone knows? Here’s the answer!

According to well-known plastic experts, the therapeutic effect of whitening needles is unstable, and the therapeutic dose of drugs it uses exceeds the normal dosage. At present, most of the whitening needle sets sold in the market are Sanwu products, so it is not recommended that beauty seekers whiten by injecting whitening needles. For those who want to whiten, it is recommended to try photon beauty treatments such as color light and Aurora, which can effectively whiten you.

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