Young people beware of potential hair loss crisis

Young people always think that hair loss is a crisis that will occur in middle age. Young people may always feel that they have healthy hair that everyone envies, but in fact, you have begun to have the potential of hair loss. It is easy to delay the arrival of hair loss. Let Xiaobian take you to uncover the potential causes of hair loss and defeat it one by one!

1. We all face hair loss when you are 18 years old, you may feel that you have healthy hair, but in fact you have begun to have the potential of hair loss. According to the report of Belgravia Research Center, the largest hair Clinical Research Institute in Europe, we lose 50-100 hairs every day.

The life span of hair is generally 3 to 6 years. After that, hair follicles will grow new hair to replace the dead hair, and so on until you say goodbye to your adolescence. Baldness usually occurs in the twenties and twenties, when testosterone secretion is at its peak.

2. Bad luck at the sideburns when you are twenty-four or five years old, because the hair follicles are stimulated by male hormones, the hairline starts to recede (ironically, it is this hormone that causes the appearance of male characteristics). At the same time, hair follicles cannot grow new hair. Using scalp therapy containing “minoxidil” can speed up the blood circulation around hair follicles and effectively slow down the symptoms of alopecia.

3. Hair loss comes from the inheritance of your mother. Even if your father is as handsome as Beckham, it is your mother who causes the rapid expansion of your hair loss area. This condition is called female hereditary alopecia. Look at the photos of your family, determine whether you are likely to have hair loss, and find out what can help you find symptoms as soon as possible to slow down the occurrence of hair loss, otherwise you can buy a hat.

4. Pull out your hair? The next time someone tells you to “keep your hair”, you must do it. When you are under pressure, your body will lose vitamins, minerals and proteins, which are essential nutrients for hair follicles. When hair follicles lack these nutrients, the adrenal gland will secrete a secretion called cortisol, and excessive it will lead to hair loss; In addition, taking more vitamins can inhibit hair loss to a certain extent.

5. Hair loss can not be avoided when you are 30 years old, hair loss will mercilessly and fiercely attack you. His secret weapon is DHT, a by-product of testosterone, which cannot be decomposed in hair follicles. He can promote the growth of body hair, but somehow it will aggravate your hair loss and make you look like Zidane.

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