Avoid these three periods when bathing in summer

Spring is almost over, summer has quietly started, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter, so many people take a shower every day to keep their bodies fresh and clean. The number and frequency of bathing have increased, but attention should be paid to avoiding these three periods of time to take a bath, so as to avoid accidents.

Don’t take a bath after meals: after a full meal, a large amount of blood is concentrated in the stomach to help digestion. However, if you take a bath at this time, you will be stimulated by hot water, and the blood vessels on the epidermis will expand. The blood will flow to these places, resulting in less blood in the stomach, affecting digestion and increasing the burden on the stomach. Bathing after meals is not only bad for food digestion, but also increases the burden on the heart.

Don’t take a bath after drinking: when you take a bath after drinking, the glucose stored in your body will be consumed when you take a bath, so the sugar content will drop significantly. At the same time, alcohol inhibits the normal activity of the liver and hinders the recovery of glucose storage in the body. In addition, sweating and fluid loss in bathing can easily lead to insufficient effective circulating blood volume, which will lead to collapse.

Don’t take a bath when you are hungry: when you are hungry, your blood sugar level is low, which can’t guarantee the heat consumption required when you take a bath. Therefore, when you take a bath when you are hungry, you are prone to dizziness, even shock and other symptoms.

It’s best to take a bath 1-2 hours after dinner. The time to take a bath should not be too long, preferably not more than half an hour, so as to avoid hypoxia caused by long-term hot air in the bathroom.

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