How long does thin leg training work?

Many girls would like to have attractive long legs, but not everyone is born beautiful after all. Long legs can only be achieved through the efforts and diet. So, how long does thin leg training have an effect?

There are many training methods and actions for thin legs. If you can stick to them, you can get ideal leg lines. Next, we will introduce how long the thin leg training has been effective. Those who do not know this well can learn from the following.

1 what are the lean leg training actions?

If you want to have beautiful legs, you must first learn to use your hips to force, so that you can reduce the frequency of your legs every day and achieve the effect of thin legs. Choose an open space to lie on your back, return your legs to your hips, and put your hands on your sides. To stabilize your body, you can also put your hands behind your back to feel the movement track of your back. Your toes can be folded or placed on the ground. The buttocks lift the legs off the ground, the upper body and thighs form a straight line, and the large and small legs form a right angle as far as possible. Keep your knees in the same position when you lift your legs. Do not retract or open the knee.

The second movement: lying on one side and lifting one’s legs. Lying on one side and lifting one’s legs should be a kind of thin leg movement known to many people. By lying on the side and lifting the legs, tighten the muscles of the outside of the hips and the large and small legs, and tighten the muscles to achieve the effect of thin legs. Lie on your side, with your upper body lying down or supported by your elbows. Supporting your body can exercise your flank muscles and core strength. Lift the thighs and straighten them with force. When lifting the legs, clamp the hips, face the front of the knees, and do not bend the knees and ankles downward and inward. When exerting force, the whole leg is lifted by the outside of the hip, and the hip muscles feel sour and swollen. Supine legs is very convenient and effective. It not only does not pick the position, but also stimulates the rectus abdominis while exercising the legs.

2 how long does thin leg training have effect?

It needs a long-term process to achieve the ideal goal. It needs to be carried out at least once a day. You can do several groups before going to bed every day. When you develop a good habit of training, the leg lines will reach a more ideal state. Of course, your diet needs to be properly controlled, because the heat and taste of the diet will also affect the leg lines, leading to edema and other problems.

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