Can bathing with milk whiten? Can bathing with milk whiten

We have to take a bath every day. Bathing can not only clean our body, but also relax our body and mind and eliminate fatigue in the process of bathing. But bathing is more than that. Bathing is also a very important step for skin maintenance. As long as you choose the right method, bathing can help activate blood circulation, improve skin elasticity and make you beautiful easily~

1. Honey Bath

Add honey directly to warm water, and prepare about 1% honey aqueous solution. Wash your face or bath, especially “Honey Bath” has obvious effect on eliminating fatigue, and can also make your skin smooth and smooth. You can also smear your whole body with honey before taking a bath, especially the soles of your feet, knees, elbows and other parts. After 10 minutes, soak in the bathtub, and then wash it again with soap. After taking a bath, you will feel greasy and creamy.

Efficacy: honey contains rich trace elements and a small amount of vitamins, which can comfort the blood circulation of the skin, promote the development of cells, delay aging, strengthen the elasticity and toughness of the skin, and make the appearance more lubricated and moisturized. Honey also has the functions of sterilization, prevention and elimination of spots and chloasma, and has a certain therapeutic effect on dryness, wrinkles, boils, prickly heat, acne and so on.

2. Milk bath

Milk and water are mixed in the ratio of 1:1, then poured into the bathtub, and then the whole person is immersed in the bathtub. Slowly massage the skin with both hands to make the skin better absorb the nutrients of milk. In this way, it can not only moisturize the skin and restore the delicate skin, but also achieve the whitening effect.

Efficacy: after adding milk, the bath water will become very soft. Even for sensitive skin with “hot water will irritate the skin”, this bath method will not bring irritation. In addition to moisturizing, milk can also tighten and astringe the skin.

Soaking milk before going to bed will also relax the body and mind and promote sleep. It also has quite good effects on hyperhidrosis, and can also improve manic depression, insomnia and other symptoms. The enzymes contained in milk can reduce inflammation, swelling and soothe the skin; Therefore, if the skin is red and swollen due to sun exposure, milk can be used to care for it.

3. Red wine bath

Mix the excess red wine in warm water. The pouring amount is 500ml on hot days and about 750ml in winter.

Efficacy: the rich grape polyphenols in red wine have the effect of antioxidation and promoting blood circulation. The alcohol in red wine can promote the skin to absorb nutrients, so that the health care status can enter the inner layer of the skin more quickly.

4. Green tea bath

Put 3-5 bags of drunk green tea residues or tea bags into silk socks or cotton bags, and then put the cloth bags into the bathtub to inject hot water. The recommended soaking time is 10-20 minutes.

Efficacy: catechins and caffeine in green tea can effectively improve fat metabolism, so as to eliminate fat faster. Green tea can also remove oil and dirt from the skin, which is helpful for refreshing, removing prickly heat and softening horniness. In addition, as a bath agent, green tea can also calm your body from the inside out, which is especially suitable for people with weak and cold body.

Bath Whitening Tips

Whitening Tips: 1. Exfoliating with refined salt + essential oil

Mix 15g of refined salt with 10 drops of sweet orange or lemon essential oil, and use it to exfoliate the whole body when taking a bath. This can make the skin white and transparent. One thing that deserves our attention is that because sweet orange and lemon essential oils are photosensitive, they will turn skin black when exposed to light, so it is not suitable to use this method in the daytime.

Whitening Tips 2. Take a bath with lemon slices

Put two or three pieces of fresh lemon slices in the bathtub. The lemon bath can effectively eliminate physical fatigue, make the skin smooth and tender, and refresh the mind. Lemon Bath can also effectively eliminate the thick cocoons on the heels and elbows. You can also apply a whitening facial mask before taking a bath, so that the facial skin can fully absorb the whitening ingredients in the facial mask and become white, tender and transparent.

Whitening Tips 3. Banana + Milk Body Mask

Three materials need to be prepared for the whitening and body protection film, that is, bananas, purified water and whole milk. First mash the banana to a paste, then add the whole milk, then pour a small amount of water, mix and stir in a ratio of 3:5:1, and finally apply it on the skin of the whole body. After 20 minutes, clean it. As long as you use it once, you can feel the skin become tender and moist.

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