I’m overworked. Maybe it’s your turn tomorrow

Overwork is a common fault of modern people. Overload makes us always face difficulties. Many people, relying on their young bodies, do not care about rest and work hard. However, this situation is very dangerous. Recently, another case of the death of a police officer due to overwork occurred, which not only made us regret the loss of a good comrade, but also sounded the alarm for us to beware of sub-health.

Broadcast back: Gao Jian, a young policeman who has been employed by Huizhou Public Security Bureau for two years, braved the cold to crouch and arrest the suspect, then continued to participate in the interrogation of the arrested persons, and finally died suddenly at home due to overwork. He was only 26 years old. Offer to work continuously

This year, the Huizhou and Heyuan sections of the Guangdong Jiangxi Expressway witnessed rampant criminal activities of car bandits and road bullies. Huizhou Public Security Bureau quickly organized and carried out special crackdown work. Gao Jian, as a business backbone of the intelligence and information brigade of the criminal police detachment of Huizhou Public Security Bureau, was transferred to the special group.

This month, after more than 10 consecutive days of hard work, a breakthrough was made in the investigation of cases, and preparations were made for the arrest. After receiving the notice, Gao Jian, who had just returned home from a busy day, rushed back to his unit at 9:00 that night to participate in the action without saying anything. That night, the cold current was heading south, and the temperature dropped by nearly 10 ℃. The operation that night continued until 2:00 am the next day, and a total of 13 suspect were captured in the operation.

Gao Jian volunteered to stay to participate in the interrogation and custody work. “He said he was young and could endure,” recalled Wu Weidong, leader of the intelligence and information brigade of the Criminal Police Brigade. Gao Jian insisted on returning home for rest until 9:00 a.m. on the 14th. So far, Gao Jian has worked continuously for more than 20 hours. At 7:00 p.m. on the 15th, Gao Jian rushed back to his unit to continue to participate in the trial until 2:00 a.m. the next day.

Gao Jian was absent from the unit meeting. Relevant leaders repeatedly called his mobile phone and fixed line telephone at home, but no one answered. Later, they contacted Gao Jian’s mother, who came home to find Gao Jian lying in the kitchen. Gao Jian died after doctors’ rescue. After examination, it was confirmed that Gao Jian died suddenly due to overwork.

Overworked 8 stealth signals

I envy the great sages in ancient times, “without the disorderly ears of silk and bamboo, without the labor of paperwork”. I increasingly suspect that I have a tendency to be self abusive. Buying a car is to make me go home later. My mobile phone is for my boss to command me at any time. Wireless and broadband make us unable to escape from work. Coffee is delicious just to overdraw my tired spirit. Shake your stiff arms, rub your dazed eyes, and tell who about your physical and mental fatigue?


Fatigue is an unspeakable pain

① Intermittent amnesia

If you work for a long time or with high intensity, a large number of toxic metabolic substances will accumulate in the brain, which can damage brain nerve cells. At a light level, you may feel sleepy, dizzy, headache, memory loss, and even cause death of brain nerve cells. If the brain is in a state of fatigue for a long time, the blood flow in the brain will increase, which may also increase the risk of stroke. Have you ever noticed that you sometimes forget what you should do, or that what you have done is considered not to have been done?

The best way to eliminate fatigue is to sleep. Sleep six to eight hours a day. Don’t wait until the weekend to make up for it. In addition, taking a nap two or three times during the busy day will help you relieve mental pressure and prevent excessive fatigue.

② I don’t feel hungry

Intense work will increase the energy consumed by the body and greatly reduce the desire to eat. Therefore, it is more necessary to ensure good diet. B vitamins are natural antidotes to relieve stress, such as cereals, wheat bran, whole wheat bread, animal viscera, lean meat and so on.

Supplement foods rich in calcium and magnesium, such as dairy products, bean products, bananas, buckwheat, seeds, etc., can make the body full of vitality; Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as deep-sea fish, help protect brain cells; Eating more alkaline foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, can balance the acid-base value in the body, alleviate fatigue and reduce pressure; Dried fruits such as peanuts, almonds, cashews and walnuts have magical effects on restoring physical fitness.

③ Ocular floater disease

This is a common eye disease, called “floater disease”, which is mainly caused by excessive use of the eyes. This symptom is physiological and can be eliminated as long as you pay attention to rest. However, if there is “flying mosquito” phenomenon, and there is flash in front of your eyes and vision decline, your condition is more serious, which may be a precursor of retinal detachment. You should go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

Don’t look at the computer for a long time in your work. You should take a regular rest. You should take a 10-15 minute rest every hour you surf the Internet. In addition, you can use some eye drops that can relieve eye fatigue, and try to avoid using computers in the dark.

④ Unable to straighten up

Many people are used to placing the computer on the side of their bodies, so that more items can be placed on the desktop. When they are busy working, they have no time to adjust the swivel chair to the position facing the computer, and often twist their bodies or turn their heads to type. There is also a kind of “high vision and low hand”. When working, you always need to bend down and lower your head. The mouse is placed too far away from the body, and you often need to reach the mouse obliquely, which not only causes problems with the cervical spine, but also damages the lumbar muscles.

The correct way to do this is to lower the seat, raise the monitor, put it directly in front of the body, and keep the line of sight horizontal, preferably in the middle of the screen. If you often bend your head and work at your desk, you should put in stitches between work and lift your neck to relax.

⑤ I seldom sweat

According to research, low-intensity exercise is the best way to relieve fatigue. Aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, jogging and swimming is preferred. Stick to it at least three times a week, 30-40 minutes each time. Exercise excites the cerebellum and brain regions in charge of activities, so that the cerebral cortex can relax and rest, and fatigue can be relieved without sweating. Exercise not only helps to maintain body shape and release psychological pressure, but also stimulates the brain to secrete endorphins and other mood improving substances, making people happy.

⑥ Chest tightness and back pain

Chest tightness often occurs, so we should be alert to heart diseases. Long term tiredness causes the accumulation of metabolic substances in the body, which is toxic to the heart. Chest tightness, shortness of breath and palpitation occur. At this time, you can see various arrhythmias by doing an electrocardiogram. This will also damage vascular epithelial cells, making platelets and cholesterol easy to deposit on the vascular wall, leading to atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular sclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, etc., which can be fatal.

The pain of myocardial ischemia is a kind of dull pain, and the location of the pain can not be clearly located. Generally, it is manifested in the pain in the chest and back, and it will “string” the arm and forearm, and in serious cases, it will appear vomiting and stomach pain.

⑦ Dark complexion

Are you really old? Maybe we should pay attention to the liver. The liver is the most important detoxification organ of the human body. Many “fatigue toxins” need to be detoxified and metabolized in the liver. Therefore, long-term excessive fatigue will cause the greatest damage to the liver. Liver function problems, a large number of toxic substances can not be metabolized in time, affect the brain function, and make people lose vitality and passion.

If the skin color is dark, yellowish and lacks luster, you should also be aware of whether it is a liver problem. The most common examination is to draw blood to test the content of transaminase to judge whether the liver function is normal or not.

⑧ Habitual disguise

“Rome was not built in a day”. It’s not advisable to ask too much. Face daily work and life happily, and eliminate anxiety and compulsion at work in time. The more stressed you are at work, the more you should learn to be good at coping with and resolving the pressure. For example, talking and chatting with relatives and friends can not only divert attention, but also release psychological pressure, eliminate bad emotions, and keep yourself in the best working condition. Don’t form a habitual cover up and let your feelings be depressed for too long.


Don’t overdo it after overwork

Extreme diet: after being very tired, some people will choose to reward themselves with a rich diet and relieve pressure. Such an extreme diet occurs when the body is very tired and all physical functions are weak. Stomach diseases and diseases such as pancreatitis will come to you: for example, overeating after overwork will stimulate the pancreas to secrete a large amount of digestive enzymes and digestive fluids, and poor excretion of digestive enzymes and digestive fluids will induce pancreatitis.

Over passion: when you are very tired, keeping a peaceful mind is a kind of protection for your body. People who are tired have low oxygen content in their bodies, which makes many people feel chest tightness. Once there is passion, serious arrhythmia and severe hypoxia will lead to fainting.

Extreme exercise: we all know that exercise is good for relieving fatigue, but from the perspective of health, sleep is the best way to relieve fatigue. Exercise is both physical and mental work. You need to adjust your body movements to achieve comfortable coordination. If the exercise is too intense, it will easily lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and even sudden death.

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